Confused and unsure of wife's friends intentions

My wife and I had become friendly with the neighbors for the four or so years they lived next to us. Close enough that we shared house keys etc....
The husband was ok, somewhat aloof. The wife was more gregarious and my wife and her became close. I was also more of a friend to her than her husband as well. We both have 3 yr olds and they played together.
They moved in Dec. But stayed in town so not far.
I was always respectful and decent towards the wife. She is very pretty and i do admit that in my opinion she is very hot.
Over the last year I began to notice something's that just seemed off with her. Maybe there were other actions before that, that I didn't pick up on.
I noticed that she would bend over like right next to me in a loose shirt she was wearing and would drop so low that if I looked I would prob see the zipper on her jeans. Out of respect I never looked. Boy I wanted to though, to be honest. This happened several times.
She would also come out and we would run into each other and chat. She knows that I smoke and would be out front a lot. Sometimes she would text late and ask if i was up then say shes going out for a smoke. We lived in condos.
I started going out back more( not because of her) and she would come around back saying that she was looking for the stray cats and then see me. She never seemed suprised. Was day and nights times. A few times during the day as we were just chatting I could swear that she was looking right at my crotch. One of those lingering stares.
There is much more to it but I am trying to keep it short. Lol

So they moved about 8 months ago. The first time I saw her at her new place to pick up my oldest daughter. (She got her off the bus for us). She threw her arms around me hugged me telling me that she " missed me so much! "
That was the first time she ever hugged me. Ok kinda the first time. Once another neighbor got too close...coming on to her. Nothing happened. She told the husband be he did nothing. In telling me about it she played it out for me. Pretending she was him and I was her. She told me that it was ok because she was comfortable around me. She came up behind me just like he did. Pressed her body against me with her face near my right ear. It wasn't perverted the way she did it and it was not summer so a jacket or two between us.
The second time I picked up, she took me on a tour of the house from her bedroom to the basement. Then while far enough away from the kids she told me something's of a very personal nature. Told me that even her husband doesn't know and made me promise not to tell anyone else.
On Fathers day she wished me a good one and sent that throwing a kissy face emoji.
Not sure if that really meant anything but in the context who knows.
One time when dropping off some of her childrens dvds for my kids to watch she mentioned that it took her longer because she had the seperately the p*** that she said was mixed in with it??
Ok so the most recent thing was that after dropping my wife and kids off after a few days at the beach, they went in and as I looked on she kissed my neck and said good bye all smiles.
Like I said there is some more to it all, but what I am asking this all just in my head or am I am being a typical male moron to what she's up to/wants??

Bear in mind all of the interactions I wrote about all happened when my wife wasn't around or close by. Also is has been in the span of the last 10 months or so. Before that maybe I never recognized any actions on her part, maybe there were none before that. Don't know for sure.
I would really love to hear any input that anyone has.

Thank you for taking your precious time with my issue.


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  • Sounds like she wants the D. Honestly what else can she do for you to get the hint. I totally get your worries but try hitting on her the next time without being too forward and see her reaction

  • Hey thanks for responding. It does sound that way. After knowing her for about 4-5 years, it has been her actions over the last year that started me thinking of her like that. I guess that is what she was/is trying to do. My wife and her got inI have o a disagreement
    over something while at the beach those few days. She called me to vent before they left. I told her that I would talk to her later. That was the day she kissed my neck.
    Later that night We chatted on the phone about it. I did and do agree with her but my wife woke up and heard some of the conversation. I got off quick once I knew she was awake but it was too late. She was mad but def madder at her. Her last text to me was if I was ok. Since then I text her a "hey" a few days later. No answer. Then a month later text her again hoping all well and that she was ok. This past sat I texted a happy holiday weekend wishes. No answer.
    The wife has texted her several times since then and just last week she responded. Said she dropped her phone in a pool and thats why she hasn't responded to her till recently. I am guessing my wife gave her s*** for bringing me into it? So things suck about this at the moment.

  • Dude, come on. Do you really have to ask?
    This woman wants your d*** inside her like yesterday. If she's hot, then f*** her. You know her husband is probably f****** your wife. So it's only right for you to f*** his wife.

  • Thanks for the response and wish that is what is true, but it is so hard to tell and if I make a move and I am wrong then I am f*****.
    Since then I have not heard from her so maybe it is all in my head....

  • Look to be honest it truly sounds like she has a thing for you. How did she say goodbye when kissing you on your neck the kissing let alone is flirty enough. Why not okay truth or dare and try and get an answer that way

  • Thank you for your response.
    She just kissed me on my neck then smiled, waved good bye and got in her suv and left.
    To be honest, if you covered her mouth when she sees me you would be able to tell that she was smiling just from looking at her eyes.

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