Pregnant and smoking

I'm a 24 year old preggo, and I smoke. Now 3 months preggo but I have decided I enjoy smoking too much to quit. My mother smoked with all three of us and we turned out just fine. I think the anti-smoking hype is over rated, anyway. I have smoked a pack a day since I was 11 and am not about to stop now, just because I'm preggo. I don't think that's all that bad, and many of my friends agree, but one of my friends says I'm terrible.

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  • I hope u get lung cancer ... bababa choke on that c*** !

  • Your mom grew up in an age when they weren't aware it was a really extra dumb idea lady!

  • This is a horrible thing to do. You are harming a baby. PLEASE reconsider.

  • About 2-3 month's ago I was at happy hour with some guy's from work. At the table next to ours was a large group of people and one was a pregnant woman who was smoking. Everybody at our table said how terrible that was, and although I knew they were talking about health risks, I couldn't help noticing how sexy she was, and how sexy her smoking was. She was no great beauty, but her smoking was sexy as all h*** and her being pregnant made it all seem even more so. She wasn't talking to many of the people in her group, so eventually I went over and sat with her and told her how sexy she was (not mentioning that a part of it was how she smoked) and she said how her husband had been ignoring her since she got a belly. Well, one thing led to another and I took her home with me. We couldn't f*** very well without it hurting her, but I damn sure ate that p**** until she had c** like 6 times. We have met frequently since then and I admit that now a part of the attraction is her smoking while she's pregnant but even more its the feel of having another man's wife in my bed and his baby in her while her naked body is next to mine. So f****** hot! Maybe you just need a affair like this woman is having with me!

  • It's one thing for you to smoke and put your own health at risk. But for you to put your child's health at risk is selfish and cruel. There are babies who are born to mothers who are addicted to crack and heroin, and you don't think a cigarette is harmful? You're his/her mother and supposed to protect your child, you're not doing that. Really, why are you having a child? You are clearly irresponsible. Why don't you just let them play with sharp objects when they're born. You don't care. Better yet, you should just give it up for adoption. And it doesn't matter what your mom did or didn't do when pregnant. Grow up. Take some responsibility. If your child is born with any defects, you can blame yourself. You have 6 months left to your pregnancy. Stop smoking. It's a terrible, unattractive and unhealthy habit. And your one friend who says your terrible is spot on. This is no longer about you anymore.

  • Jesus, lighten the f*** up. Yes, smoking is bad for her and bad for the baby. But millions of mothers have smoked and millions more continue, and they have babies that are perfectly fine. She's right: the complaints are overblown.

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