I want to f*** my uncle and my cousin...

Hi i really wanna f*** my uncle and my cousin so BAD. i don’t know what it is about them but they’re just so f****** hot.

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  • Admit it. You're a guy aren't you

  • …..when i was young i had a affair with my uncle.....he had a horse d***......damn i loved him......

  • When i was about 12-14 me and my cousin "liked" each other, we never got to intercourse but i sometimes wonder what it would have been like, but life goes on

  • Drop to your knees and suck his d***. bet he'd love it.

  • God, you sound sooooooooo sexy. Your uncle and cousin are so lucky!

  • This is your uncle sam sweetheart,fuckk me. I am waiting

  • I know what you mean. Many, many years ago I had a really hot and intense physical relationship with my first cousin. The s** was the best I ever had in my life and I still vividly remember it to this very day. Not just the ordinary s**, but we did some really filthy and occasionally depraved things to each other. DAMN! I hope you get what you want and what you need from both of them. And I hope you'll keep us posted on your progress. All best!

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