How do you know when they’re *actually* flirting??

I think I may have a crush on a friend of mine. I’ve known them for a while, but part of me thinks that I might be overthinking this all and really we’re just good friends and whatnot

As I was slowly coming to terms with “maybe they don’t see me that way,” they started flirting? And I don’t know how to read it. I’m not sure if they’re jokingly flirting or flirting for real. Regardless, my feelings came back as soon as I was coming down from that “lovey dovey high”

The other day the flirting got more intense, but I still can’t tell what’s going on. I’m too scared to tell them how I feel though because I have a fear of commitment. What if I didn’t understand my own feelings and *thought* I had a crush on them? Idk, it’s all so frustrating mainly because I feel like no one would understand what is going through my head. I want to confess, or at least be more vocal about this, but I’m worried what my friend would say, and what our friends in our friend group would say. I know none of them would mind or think anything weird if it, they’re supportive and I appreciate all my friends because of that, but it’s just that innate paranoia and sort of mental block that prevents me from saying anything at all.

I hate not being brave enough to do anything about it.

Oct 30

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  • Don't torture yourself, be straight talker-be yourself. relax and ask for direct answers. I do what ezliving98 response recommend below. I am not shy of my sexuality.

  • Hi sweetie. If your truly infatuated with your friend or friends and unsure of about their intensions. if they flirt then smile and flirt back. If they touch you, touch them back in a similar way. When together stay close, if they touch you touch them back. Make yourself available to them. If you respond to them in similar ways to their actions and words, it will not take long to know if they are interested in you for more than just a simple friendship.

  • MuuBooBs! - Matthew Lee Prior, Worcester UK

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