Wish I lived in North Korea 🇰🇵

I live in the USA, but this country has gone to s*** politically and culturally. We’re just a bunch of homeless people p****** in the streets while l****** after the latest gadget that we don’t really need and can’t afford. The art sucks and its diversity—especially spics and n******—has been a disaster from day one.

Things are so much better in North Korea. The leadership is strong and stable, the art is better, and the.women look hotter because they’re fit and don’t overeat, unlike women in the USA who spend all of their time face-f****** tacos and Big Macs.

Say what you want about Kim Jong-UN, but he and his family before him have done a nice job. I’d love to live there, drink a few beers, s**** a few hundred of the women after singing some karaoke, and basically be thankful to live in such a great country.



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  • Some nasty,racists comments here

  • Well then get the f u c k out then.

  • Are you crazy? I wish I were born in the USA, and speak english, instead I born in this stupid country with stupid ugly brown skin people (I am white) and speak spanish. What a bad luck!!

  • Oh get over yourselves, this is clearly a troll. At least it's trolling about something besides porking relatives or "getting caught" at some made-up scenario.

  • The door is open don’t let hit in the back side on your way out stupid Ass

  • Sounds like another dumb azz know nothing millennial

  • I wish you did too.

  • Off you go. enjoy starving. No freedom.

  • Funny how they always say things like that .. but never do ....
    saying all this while he eats his big mac and plays with his taco.

  • Then go already!

  • If I were a genie, I’d zap you over there right now. If you’re not Korean, you’d be getting tortured before the end of the day.

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