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My fiance and I will be married this sept. I decided that if I was ever going to have a threeway it would have to be before we get married and I could kill two birds with one stone, I could have the one experience I had thought about and I could give him the wedding present I knew he has always wanted.
Long story short I set it up with a friend of mine who I felt would be a great fit and that I was comfortable with, Doesn't hurt that I know he thinks she is hot.
Regardless me and her surprised him and the whole thing went off without a hitch, Except that he got a bit too excited right off the bat and the first round for him didn't last too long but he was more than willing for a second, third and after a bit of a break even a fourth round.
22 years and probably 7 or 8 of wondering before I actually found out...IT IS AMAZING, Oh my god, What a night and right until the sun came up, Best night of my sexual life Why did I wait so long and now I have to decide if I am going to change my rule about not happening after I am married. Oh my god, I can't believe how awesome it was and basically all of us were like "Wow...I had no idea" and I am pretty sure everyone wants it to happen again, Like every night, She was perfect, He was perfect, Both said I was perfect and we were all left wobbly legged and unable to speak, I loved watching him and her, He loved watching me and her and she loved watching me and him.
Anyway just wanted to share that.

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  • If it was that great, why don't you move her in with you guys and have a three way love triangle. That way you can have it every night. And if you think about it, it also makes financial sense. Three people working to support a household is better than two. Sounds like a win win all the way around.

  • Uh...No.

  • Why not? It sounds like you all three like each other. And not only that,

  • Not only that, but you two would be the ones married to each other.

  • My husband and I have been together 18 years and have yet to take that step but I have thought about it for years, I did it once in college with my then best friend from highschool and it was good but we were all drunk and he never did get off, To be honest he had a tough time keeping it up as drunk as he was so me and her were left to take care of each other and it made our friendship awkward after since she wanted more but I did not and now we barely talk.
    Glad it was good for you and maybe someday I will take that step but for now I don't think I even have a friend who would join us since we are all married or committed.

  • ^^I could help in you situation!^^

  • I wish I would have tried that with my girlfriend in College.I watched her with a younger guy and with random guys we met at clubs but never a 3 some with any chicks

  • I jokingly bring this up with my girlfriend but really want to try it. If not with her then thinking of going to a massage parlor with two girls what do you guys think?? happy for your experience

  • Me and my wife both agree that we can have threesomes as long as we both are into the third person. We have threesomes regularly and love it.

  • I am jealous. I am in a Catholic NFP marriage. I have not had an o***** for years. My wife has me rub her and lick her to o***** but I am not allowed so I read this stuff to try and get some fun in my life.

  • She gave him everything and you had the se kind sloppy.on d fu Jed she will always want more and you can’t keep up with it. Get her g******* before someone else does it for you

  • Glad it was an amazing time for you all.

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