I really hate my family.

Today I realized I had enough, I'm 1500 miles away from home without a car to finish college and the only two people I know are my brothers, I have been here for 8 months and they constantly leave me out and pretend I don't exist I live across the sidewalk from one of my brothers and I did not see him for a month. I have been suicidal and depressed and my own brothers won't even see if I'm okay.

My mom called my brothers out on it, and they claimed I don't reach out to them either... text on my phone have determined that that was a lie.

For my birthday, one of my brothers lied and told me he would take me out to dinner... I never heard from him that night so I ended up spending it alone eating some gross ass pasta, luckily one of his douche bag bro friends put up pictures of him partying downtown celebrating his birthday. The only time I hear from them is when they want something (like to watch their dogs and when they have no friends to hang out) they only care about their girlfriends, my brothers are more willing to help out their girlfriends, then help me as their ONLY FUCKING SISTER. My brother charged me $60 bucks to pick me up from the airport but drove two hours to another city to help his GF move. His roommate had to take me to Walmart but my brother wouldn't even help me.

And the excuse my parents give for their shitty behaviour---is because they are guys and guys are clueless... Are you fucking kidding me?! No, they are selfish parasites who act the way they do because their own parents allow them to be.

My brothers have been excluding me from everything since we were in high school and my parents continue to make the same excused when I gave my family a taste of their own medicine. I was suddenly a horrible person, honestly fuck them all I'm done. When I get married and have kids I hope they don't look for invitations in the mail because they're officially out of my life.

I'm just done.

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