Wife confesses while intoxicated

My wife when to Sue her best friends daughter hen party this weekend and they all went away Friday to Sunday eve, they all had a great time been cheeky an d naughty as they do Sues daughter Holly is only 25 and Sue and my wife are 42yrs young, she doesn’t go out much we stay in on weekend and have a bottle of wine to share.

But she got very drunk trying to keep up with the girls and on Sunday eve she came home a bit squiffy with alcohol and when I was asking what had she been up to and if she had a good time she told me that on Saturday they went out for a nice meal then when to see some strippers, she said her and Sue weren’t going to go but other girls made them (not sure how true that is) and I asked what happened and she confessed to me that they got Holly up on stage and made her lick the cream of the guys willy and her bridesmaid ( which she is a damn fine women sexy young girl) then my wife said the stripper was going in the crowd pushing his willy and letting everyone feel him ( which stirred my willy as she’s only been with me my wife ) and I asked her if she touched it and she said don’t be mad but he made me and Sue suck his willy with cream and and w*** him off cause we were older ones and mother of bride -Sue) I was shocked I asked her did she like it as she was a bit squiffy on Sunday eve still and she said she did don’t be mad , I nearly came in my pants knowing my wife and Sue had given a stripper a BJ and he came over them both !!! I took her upstairs to bed still a bit drunk and had great s** she told me all details and she told me Holly’s friend Katie later met up with the stripper and he made her c** several times back in the hotel room, she also confessed that he was the biggest willy she had ever given a BJ to and needed to hands to w*** him, I came several times her telling me this.


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  • Did anyone else have to take a huge breath before reading this? You ever heard of punctuation mate? You know, commas, full-stops that sort of thing? Maybe a paragraph or two?

    Anyway, nice bit of fiction you wrote there. Next time though, could you make up a bit where she actually f_cks the stripper? Cheers

  • I don’t she did or would as she and I are childhood sweethearts she’s only ever been with me and seen a few p*** men’s Willy’s and the strippers she was intoxicated and caught up in the moment touching a strippers willy which was been pushed in her and her friends face.

  • What she didn't tell you is the also f***** him.
    Women only ever tell you half the story when they confess. It's kind of like when you ask them how many guys they have f*****, they also cut the number in half.

    My wife first told me had only ever had s** with 5 guys including me when we started dating, and for several years after got married said the same (5 guys). We've been married for 24 years and the other day I was reading a s** questionnaire and answer test to her. Got to the part where it asked about number of past s** partners, thinking I knew the answer I was just about to select 5 guys, when my wife said she had slept with 9 guys. Now either she has f***** 4 more guys since we have been married or she lied about how many guys she's f*****.
    She tried to tell me that she forgot how many guys she had f*****, and just made up a number.
    Proof that women lie about how many guys they have f***** and that ALL women f*** around on the husbands.

  • That's rough mate. You know what they all are don't you? Snakes with t***

  • T_its

  • My father told me that i have to cheat on my wife at every chance in order to not look like a f****** cuckold, by the way my parents are divorced cause my mother discover that my father was cheating on her.

  • That's karma for you

  • Less then human!

  • Than is the word you were looking for. Class dismissed.

  • She can't be that honest when she's drunk or she would break the sad news that you've got the amorous abilities of donkey dung.

  • Sounds great, do you like the idea of your wife being with other men?

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