The wedding.

My sister asked me to bang her husband, Yup, That's right, Straight out asked me to have sex with her husband the night before their wedding, Ok, It was 20 years ago but still.
My sister and her husband had decided to have final flings before they were married, One last hurrah before tying the knot, She admitted this to me in a panic because she had done hers in Vegas with a close friend of his while he sat in their room waiting for her to come back...Oh my god, WHAT???
So according to her they somehow decided this was a good idea and she went through with it but the girl they had chosen for him backed out, Twice, Apparently she had gotten right to the point of giving him head twice before freaking out and "Leaving him hanging", she came to me two nights before the wedding and told me she had something she needed to talk to me about, Pulled me aside and "popped the question", I choked, Laughed, Stared at her and finally said "You are serious?", She said "yeah, I mean, I can't get married having been the only one to have had sex with someone else before we consummate our marriage and commit ourselves to each other forever".
I stared at her and said "No, You are supposed to be getting married day after tomorrow" and she told me she couldn't go through with it having such a big thing hanging over her head. She kept pushing and eventually resorted to begging and crying, Admittedly we had been drinking and that may have played a factor for both of us but finally I hugged her and said "If it means that much to you".
Those seven words sealed my fate, The next day it was all she talked about whenever we were alone, "You won't back out?", "You are still in?", "I love you for this" And all I could think was "how did I ever agree to this?". The night before their impending nuptuals my sister had told her husband that she would be staying at mom and dads to have the full day to get ready and I would be staying at their house to make sure he didn't screw the day away and end up late for their wedding which everyone laughed about and thought it was really funny but I was just scared and nervous.
My sister had asked me a hundred times what my plan was and I kept telling her I didn't have one, She kept offering suggestions and finally as she was leaving she pulled me aside, Hugged me and told me how much she loved me, Her husband and I have always gotten along before and since, He is 4 years older than me and 2 years older than my sister I had just turned 20 - 3 months before and despite being a confident person I was scared shitless. My sister was then and still is absolutely gorgeous, 5 foot 3 inches, 125 lbs, blonde back then and basically every guys fantasy, I think I looked pretty good although a bit bigger than her in every way, An inch or two taller, 2 years younger, A bit bigger chested (her a C and me a D) and long hair dyed dark red.
My dad offered to stay with my brother in law to "keep him on track" but my sister refused saying she needed her dad so everyone left leaving just me and him, We had a couple drinks hanging out and then he said he should go to bed, I had packed my "Sexiest" outfit after some suggestions from my sister and after putting it on and looking at myself in the mirror I was not exactly happy but didn't have any other choice, She had assured me he would love it so I stepped out of my room in chunk heels (Which I still have and my husband loves), thigh high stockings, A plaid skirt and tiny thong, with a white, See through blouse tied just above my bellybutton ring, Showing off my muffin top :( but i figured with my upper body he would be concentrating elsewhere.
I stood outside my door for what seemed like forever before taking that first step, I was so scared, My legs were wobbly and every step sounded like it echoed louder than a bomb going off, I could hear my heart and my hands were shaky. His door was open and I knew he had heard me coming so there was no backing out, I stepped into the doorway and he was sitting against the headboard with the blankets around his waist, He is and always was a nice looking guy, Nice build, Not muscly but sculpted. He looked up at me and I did the whole, One arm up and lean on the door frame and one hand on my hip as he stared at me wide eyed.
I don't even remember what I said but I am sure it was cheesy then I walked up to the bed, He spun around and sat up on the edge of the bed and when he went to stand up I pushed him back down. I explained what was happening and he actually tried to talk me out of it, If it would have been up to me I would have backed out but I had made a promise and was determined to see it through, Holy did I.
Sorry losers...No gory details except he was bigger than expected, Better than I had hoped, Had more stamina, Was totally into foreplay, totally gentle and rough and sweet and forceful and took every opportunity to make sure I got what I needed and to tell me how amazing I looked which as I found out over the years is not always the case. He made sure I got off first with him happily taking second after spending just the right amount of time to bring me down from my high gently and doing everything after the fact to ensure a round two. I was left COMPLETELY fulfilled and exhausted, We fell asleep which was not the plan but in the morning I woke up and couldn't control myself, I gave him one last round and we finished together.
We showered and got ready before I made sure he was ready and his groomsmen showed up, I left and went to mom and dads having the weirdest prewedding conversation with my sister, She hugged me and cried while thanking me for banging her husband to be then we headed to the wedding, Everything was PERFECT, The weather, The ceremony and the reception then they disappeared and she told me later they had the best night of their lives and to this day she says she doesn't know what I did but he was amazing that night.
Now 20 years later I still get a little nervous when me and him are alone wondering if he will ever bring it up or say anything but never has been anything but a gentleman and as far as I know has never said a word to anyone, Sadly for the groomsman I was paired with I was too worn out from the night previous to put on much of a performance and he was little more than underwhelming. My husband knows nothing of that night and no, we did not do final flings.

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