Hot Tube Underwear

By any means my wife would make it to a magazine’s cover but for 51 anyone would want her after four drinks. The four of us took the afternoon off to watch a game at our neighbors. After it ended he invited us to his hot tube. We were all tipsy. My wife said she needed her swimming suit. His wife said she had to go number two. I went next door for our swimming suits but when I came back she had jumped in in her underwear. She didn’t look gorgeous but very sexy indeed. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and she was liking it. I said whatever and joined in. It was the three of us. He asked her to grab three beers in the cooler. She got out of the tube and went for it. Her hard nipples poked through. Her p**** hair showed through her panties. Her b**** jiggled up and down and side to side, her dimpled legs and buttocks perfected the voluptuous look of whom was not mine alone that night.

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  • Hahahahaha! Priceless! 'Everyone would want her after four drinks'! She's that hot eh?! She's that hot that you need to be pi_sed to want her! 'Her dimpled legs and buttocks' you're not really selling it are you? By the way, is English your second language? Or even third?!

  • What the . . . . . . . ?

  • Were you drunk when you wrote this?
    First I was thinking hot tube like YouTube when I read the title.
    Second, what the h*** does his wife taking a crap have anything to do with this story?
    And third, you forgot to write the f****** story. Sober up and try again. This story sucked.
    Oh and leave out the p**** hair next time. No one wants to hear about some f****** chia pet growing on her s***** and creeping out around her panties. Bald p****!!!!! Big t******!!!!!

  • Why the f*** people write like s*** on this post, how many of the stories on this site do you think are fake. A percentage.

  • I'm going to say about 75%

  • Hmmm, How long were you gone fetching those swim suits ?

  • You lost me when you said p ussy hair

  • "tub"

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