Someone slipped me something

My boyfriend and I were out last night and by the time we got home I had realized I was feeling...Let's say...Uber h****, Like way more than usual. I had to get some NOW so I drug him into the bedroom and ripped mine and his clothes off, we were going at it, I knew someone at the club had slipped me something and I was pretty sure I knew what it was.
I was feeling ok, None of the usual side effects I had heard from other people who have tried it so I wasn't scared or anything I just couldn't control myself, I was so h**** and my boyfriend had me on my back, Legs up and was pounding me when my friend M came storming in, She burst out laughing yelling "I knew it you dirty s***". I was so h**** I didn't even care, I just laughed and said "get out", She walked right up to the bed and grabbed my boyfriends hips instructing him "f*** her harder, Harder, Harder" and pretty soon everyone was in the room, Me, My boyfriend, M, and my boyfriends two friends.
I was so embarrassed but I couldn't stop, My boyfriend was enjoying putting on a show as everyone laughed and pretty soon were standing around the bed, I have big (Ish) b**** and my boyfriend was trying to make them bounce as much as he could and pretty soon M was holding his hips ramming him into me and his two friends were grabbing my b**** and squeezing them, Shaking them and they started sucking on my nips.
I couldn't believe what was happening and just had my eyes closed but my boyfriend pulled out of me and shoved his friend out of the way getting on the bed beside my chest, I grabbed his shaft and stroked him as he came on my chest and before I knew what was happening everyone had switched positions. M was on the other side of me watching my boyfriend come, One of his friends was between my legs and already had me while his other friend was kneeling above my head. My boyfriend took M's hands and put them on my b**** as she groaned "Aaaahhhh, Gross" but he swirled her hands around rubbing his come on my b****.
I looked up and his friend basically shoved his in my mouth and there it was, My first time with two guys and one was not my boyfriend...Everything happened kind of fast but I did end up coming, My boyfriends friends pretty much came at the same time and both pulled out of me, One straddling my face as I sucked his b**** and the other leaned over me both coming on my b**** as M leaned back and watched.
When it was all over somehow I ended up in the shower with everyone standing around watching me and then my boyfriend joined me and everyone watched and played with my b**** as I leaned against the wall and he pounded me from behind before getting out and letting me finish showering. We ended up drinking some more as the effects started to wear off a bit and before everyone left one of my boyfriends friends suggested banging me and M, I instantly said "NOOOOOO" and stopped that before it got started, Both of his friends left with M but I haven't talked to her yet.
SOOOOOO embarrassing.


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  • Wait, they all followed you home? Either this story is fake or your boyfriend was in on this and that sounds pretty messed.

  • It's fiction, just go with it.

  • Hahaha! Like most of the 'confessions' on this site!

  • It sounds marvelous, BEAUTIFUL and don't you EVER allow ANYONE to try and tell you otherwise!!

  • F*** yous all and Im never going too trust anybody again. People are all f****** liers. Dont lie and say Im your son and then f****** get rid off me. I dont give a s*** so and just dont lie. I hit my uncle over you and my a****** mom stripped me and spanked me and let my a****** uncle spank me and told my dad after work and he made me shower and come into them and used moms brush on my butt without f****** clothes and then said because Im 10 he took belt off and said Im get 20 smacks off belt. My butt was f****** kill me and still is. Im going too get all them a******* back trust me on that. I love you daddy.

  • Have you ever considered electro shock therapy?

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