Serena Williams...…..

……..needs to retire from tennis. She's an embarrassment.



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  • Yeh she is dumb.

  • Great confession. Very personal and illuminating. We know you better as a person now, and wish to share support and stories.

    Or not.

    Go to f****** ESPN with this s***, loser!

  • She is a typical self entitled b**** who thinks the world is filled with people below her. The fact that she's black makes it that much worse, because not only does she play the feminist card if she doesn't get her way, she can also play the race card if the s** card doesn't work.

  • YES!!! Totally!!! Excellent point!!!

  • Serena Williams is a giant fat black trash bag.

  • Racist

  • And yet another ignorant asshat who doesn't know the meaning of the word racist. The persons comment is not racist. Why don't you pick up a dictionary and look up the meaning so you don't sound f****** stupid in the future.

  • She embarrassed American tennis. And America.

  • That’s pretty much the norm here with black people. They expect everyone to give them a free ride if it involves getting a job where there not qualified. Happens all the tme due to affirmative action. They keep crying and claiming racism or discrimination. They don’t have to work for something as hard as we do cause they think everything should just be given to them. Look around.. you can’t watch a TV show, commercial or movie w/o them being in one. But yet they still cry discrimination and every white person is so afraid of it they are forced to fall for it.
    Black people can call us whiteys but we can’t mention the word Black around them. Laziest race to ever walk this universe

  • Your racial ethnicity, doesn't define what sort of individual you're or wish to become. If you don't realise that by now or ever realise that in the forthcoming future, you'll never comprehend how toxic your discriminative views and mindset is. Be a positive influence to yourself, friends, family and your fellow human beings. Live and cherish others as fellow individuals, don't discriminate based off racism. Get to know individuals as human beings, not because of your preconceptions and prejudices. One love and peace ✌🏻

  • >>Your racial ethnicity, doesn't define what sort of individual you're or wish to become.

    Then why is it constantly brought up by blacks when they want to come off as either victims or suffering but noble achievers, and constantly brought up by whites needing to either virtue signal or justify their stupid hillbilly hatred?

    Both sides need to stop caring so damn much about skin color and more about how we're all humans. As usual, this basic common sense will either be ignored or shouted down, because humans are extra-stupid chimps who just happen to wear clothing.

  • I think the point the commenter was trying to make is it's somehow it's ok for blacks to be racist, but the second a white person asks why, they are automatically racist.
    I know how they feel, I have never seen color in a person, only a friend or foe, but when blacks start telling me I have white privilege or they can have black entertainment television and I can't or I have to hire someone just because they're black, then I only see color in that person. Don't act racist if you don't want others to become racist.

  • ^ This right here. Don't ASSume I've had a sweet bump-free life based solely on my lack of melanin. I grew up in a profoundly abusive home (featuring poverty, hoarding, and alcoholism), was bullied daily at school, and as a result of all that can barely function in society even all these years later. But I guess that's all in my head or something because I've got magical white skin. If you ASSume that, you are the textbook definition of racist-- look it up!

  • To the OP and the commenters: That wasn't "new" behavior for Williams. She's always quick to blame others -- and sometimes everybody -- for her mistakes, poor play or losses. She knew, long before she blew, that Naomi was going to win. So...… to deflect attention from the clear fact that Naomi was the better player (and the better human being), she showed her ass, spoiling Naomi's victory and making everyone only remember forever that "Serena showed her ass at the US Open" ["Who won that year?", "Nobody remembers because that was the year Serena showed her ass!"]. That's who Williams is. It's all she ever was. Greatest player? Greatest champion? Puh-lease. The umpire was completely right. The only mistake he made was not ordering a forfeit. She should be removed from the tour as a Lifetime Achievement Award for most ass shown. Serena Williams = B****.

  • I loved the aussie cartoon. So funny. All the pc people hate it so I cant talk about it. I have friends from all ethnic backgrounds including afro but this cartoon seems off limits but I love it.

  • What this one ....?

  • Just think, if those stupid Americans hadn't voted for Trump as their president, this feminist revolution would never have occurred.

  • Correction.. rich Americans and quit being so salty

  • Where have you been, this s*** started with Obama and Clinton. He told the blacks it was OK to be thugs and she told the woman that guys are evil and they should vote for her just because she's a woman.
    I'm sorry, where do you live that it's so s***** you have to watch what is going on in America?

  • I never thought of such things or care to think about it, is more accurate. My main concern is to live a healthy and happy life. Politics, gender, race and sexuality never hinders the way I choose to live my life, for I have chosen my path and nothing/no one, will get in my way :) You should try it, it's liberating:)

  • And yet here you are commenting on politics.

  • Daaaaaamn. Dude, you burned that commenter. You da man!!!!

  • Hmm, clever move moderator. Holding this one back for 5 days. It's old news now.

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