I don't sympathise with the #metoo women.

They are using the social norms of yesterday to damage a man today. Many of them used their bodies to some degree to get ahead. Now they are on top they want to kill the men.

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  • You realize no guy is safe from a p***** or mentally unstable ex. Anyone with position is subj to being taken down. Just how many are squeaky clean there entire life?

  • They should have thought of a better name than "me too", like something with the word "truth" in it, because #metoo just sounds like a bunch of lemmings going out to sea. Which......of course......they are.

  • I agree with the observation about the name. I've never liked it. I've continued to believe that -- for the purposes of appeal and to attract members -- they should have used #fuckmetoo. I'm a guy but I would TOTALLY join THAT group. And pay "dues".

  • F*** these hoes

  • It's pretty clear you never did. Bitter?

  • If you want a clear picture of what that has produced, turn on the television. Today. That's Thursday, September 27, 2018. Doesn't matter what channel you choose: they are all carrying the "hearing" for "Doctor" Christine Blasey Ford. She's only there because of #metoo. She and her fellow liarettes and the Democrats are going end this man's career. FOR NOTHING. And then they are going have themselves a little celebration. During which they will all o***** over their abilities to derail progress.

  • Unfortunately, for you and those who think like you (if there is thought behind any of you), Dr. Ford is reasonable and believable. This is the beginning of the end for Brett Kavanaugh. Today tipped the scales. Sayonara, Brett.

  • What happens in college should stay in college. Kids do all sorts of things that are wrong, naughty, immoral. S** drugs and rock and roll. So what if she had s** with a group of guys.

  • I agree. The new investigation will not "prove" anything, but it will substantiate enough of what she said to make her story credible, and then his "performance" (angry, bitter, entitled, smug), taken together, will be enough to pull votes across the aisle, and he...will...be...done.

  • That woman who testified against Cosby got 3 million from him as compensation some years ago. Now she's back to finish him off. B****.

  • On top or bottom. Men and women can like both.
    Don't be so weak. They hurt your feelings?

  • What the h*** does that mean?! Have you been sniffing glue?

  • Yeah it’s bullshit

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