Total fail

My husband and I ended up out of town with another couple attending a concert, We had a hot tub room and after the bar closed we went back to our room to drink.
Two turned into three and three into four and so on, Eventually we ended up in the hot tub in our underwear and my friends husband got out to mix drinks, My husband talked me and her into kissing and things carried on from there. We touched a little, Just b**** and stuff but then things started getting a bit more involved. My husband is blessed in the groin area and it's no secret but none of my friends have ever seen it, My friends husband was standing beside the hot tub and everyone was teasing my husband to show his p****.
My friends husband even said "C'mon, I don't believe it is over 8 inches which it is and my husband stood up, Whipped down his underwear and everything went quiet. My husband was fully erect from watching me and my friend kissing and groping each others b**** and even after 17 years it is still an impressive sight. My friend has told me her husband is not circumsized and is not real big but about average and both of them were just staring, after probably 10 or 20 seconds her husband coughed and said "Well, There ya go, I was wrong" We all chuckled and I grabbed my husbands hips turning him toward my friend, She leaned back and said "Holy s***", Her husband said "This is your one and only chance, If you have ever wanted to touch a big d*** this is it", She looked at him then at me and said "Uh...I...What do you mean?" and her husband said "It's now or never, You always say you have never touched one bigger than me and mine is no where near that big so...".
She leaned around my husband and looked at me, I said "Do it" and she took a deep breath letting it out and said "Ahhhh s***" then reached out taking it in both hands and that was when s*** got real.
Things kind of spiraled out of control and I held her hair back so her husband could watch her suck my husband, I played with her and even fingered her, She sucked my husband and eventually I joined her then she ended up riding my husband while he sat on the side of the hot tub, I knelt between their legs and licked her while her husband fingered me, Her husband never did get back in the hot tub but me and her spent some time touching, licking, Sucking and f****** my husband, I came and sat back with her husband reaching down playing with my bobs and I had my hand reaching back stroking him, I had actually planned on catching my breath and then having s** with him but we were watching my husband f*** my friend and just as I was going to start something with him he leaned in and came over my shoulder and all down my chest.
My husband had my friend bent over and she came hard at the same time he did, Inside her, Bareback, Not ideal and now we have a huge problem. It was just supposed to be whatever, Drunken stupidity or fun or whatever but yesterday, three weeks later she and I were talking. Her and her husband are fighting because she got f***** by my husband and he didn't get to f*** me but also she is late...Late...Yeah, that's right, Late.
F***, So now what, My friend is going to be pregnant with my husbands baby, FML.

Sep 20, 2018

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  • Just f*** her husband and get even!

  • So what do you want to happen?

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