Killed a Kitty

A neighborhood cat kept crapping on my lawn. Tried a number of things to deter it. After about the 50th time of clearing up that s***, I got tired, so I left out a bowl of antifreeze. Problem solved.😿

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  • The neighbor's kid keeps leaving its toys all over my front lawn. Thanks to your story, I got the idea to take some leftover Halloween candy, dredge it in Lysol and put it out there. I'm thinking of sharing the results all over the internet, because there are a lot of people out there sick of other people's dumb children who aren't being trained up to be decent human beings. Enjoy your legacy!

  • Plus they now put a chemical in antifreeze so it's yucky to the taste because people were being poisoned with it. Yeah nice try ass hole.

  • You are a liar. Cats won't drink or eat bad anything. Dogs will though. Nice try at getting people all riled up fool.

  • I know how frustrating it was same thing was happening with me i picked up my broomstick to scare the cat and the cat started running and i threw it in her direction which eventually killed her and i dont REGRET

  • Did that really work??

  • Https://

  • #sickfuck

  • Drop dead

  • A******

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