Cross dresser loves giving head but...

Hi! I'm a 43 yo married CD that loves dressing for guys and being a total bottom s***.

Recently I've started worrying that I might catch an sti from giving head. I've been with a few guys and haven't caught anything (I get tested regularly).

So does anyone know if it's likely to happen? I mean statistically speaking? Or is it just scare tactics? Are orally transmitted diseases really that common?

I always insist on the guy wearing a condom for a***, but never for a BJ.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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  • I think the faster you get an STI, the better. That way your wife will find out and leave your sorry ass.

  • You are so lucky that you didn’t caught anything. We all have desires to be full filled but safety should be first priority to keep pn having a good time. So it is recommended to put a condom while going for a bj as well

  • Hi thank you for your advice. Do you mean a flavoured condom? I was under the impression that they weren't much use as a contraceptive. Would they prevent the transmission of an sti?

    Or do you mean a normal condom? I've sucked a guy's c_ck after he took one off, and it tasted disgusting (probably due to the spermicide).

  • Any type of condom it could be hun...just remove the lubricant on condon using a cloth or tissue and it will not taste pathetic as it is ,while you cover up some one’s Anaconda

  • Ha ha anaconda! I love it! Ok thank you so much. Are you a CD too?

  • Nope

  • Ok thank you again

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