This story is strange

This story is about things that mystify us. I once had an excellent boomerang by whammo. It was easy to use and it came back if you threw it according to instructions. Whammo toys took it off the market because it was made of plastic and some kids got hurt throwing it.

One day I was at my grandparents house and they had a very large front yard. I was throwing the toy when it went into a small evergreen tree. I saw it falling through the branches and then I know for sure I saw it hit the needles under the tree.

I went to the tree to retrieve the boomerang and I couldn't find it. I knew it had fallen to the ground because I saw it with my own eyes. I also searched the small tree itself in case I was mistaken. I never saw the toy again until many years later.

I started to feel frightened for some reason. It was in broad daylight in the early afternoon with the summer sun shining brightly but I felt a fear come over me I'm having problems explaining. It was the fear of the unknown.

I left the tree and I asked my grandfather about it. He told me that there had used to be a well where the tree was planted and that a cow fell into it and had died. Instead of retrieving the cow they decided to cover the well and plant the tree.

I'm of the opinion something pulled the cow in and something similar had happened to my toy. I might have been pulled in too had the well still been open.

Years later my first cousin a girl heard me tell this story and she told me she wanted to find it. I begged her to stay away from this tree and to forget about it. She was only 11 years old and her seeing her grown cousin so fearful ( I was 29) scared her.

This weird story has an even weirder ending. The tree died and and the tree was removed.

My boomerang was under the tree roots.

It was useless. Ruined.

How did it get there?

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