How can I resist

This has been a recent experience that I can’t stop getting involved. My stepdaughter is 14 but her body is to hard to resist. Her mom travels for work so much so she’s never around. My stepdaughter wears so little clothes when she is home and it is so hard not to look. When we are alone she puts on scary movies and sits on the couch with me. The more scared she gets the closer she sits to me. I can see her nipples everytime through her shirt and everytime she spreads her legs I can see right under her loose but tiny shorts. Her ass cheeks always hang out of them. Everytime she falls asleep I can’t help but to touch. I start by putting my hands in through the bottom of her shorts to feel her ass, I then grab her underwear from the crotch area and put it to the side to where I can see her p****. I always know she can feel what I am doing because once I start rubbing her I can feel her getting wet and since she’s laying on her stomach she moves her butt up and down slowly. I pull my shorts and boxers down and I j******* while I’m doing that to her. One time I put a towel over her back and I was rubbing the tip of my d*** to her P**** and right when I was about to c** I came on the towel. i have so many pictures of her.

Apr 16, 2020


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  • Young girls like to f*** too. What happened hundreds of years ago when people only lived to be like twenty years old? They waited till they were 18; lol

  • Wow

  • Why don't you take her on holiday to Brazil because the legal age of consent is 14, after the virus has gone of course.

  • She want's you in her!!!! There is no way that she doesn't feel what your doing and she likes it. At 14 she knows what it all about, she will have thought about it as she rubs her p**** to an o*****, now she wants the real thing.
    My stepdad started in a similar way, I know I was leading him on and for a long time I wanted him to go further.
    My mum had left home and they divorced, I was angry and wouldn't go to live with her and her new boyfriend, anyway they lived in a dump.
    After tea he dad would help with my homework, then he would do some clearing up or go into the garden and do something or other, then he would come in and shower and get into his Pj's. Then it was time for us to relax. Dad and me used to sit and watch tv at night cuddling up on the settee and over time it got more and more naughty. I was nearly 14 and knew all about s**, I had been masturbating for ages.
    Then one night it all got to much, we were watching a movie and I was stroking his leg, I could see he had a h******, I kissed his cheek and brought my hand up to it. It felt really hard, I kept on stroking it, we were kissing when I got astride him and he pulled his Pj's down and I rode him until he came over my panties.
    That night I started sleeping with him but we didn't have full intercourse until I was nearly sixteen and on the pill.

  • I have a hard-on from reading your story!
    I’d love to have you stay after class for deserved extra credit!
    What is your age now?
    The Professor

  • Should have been wanking him long before 14

  • Glad you waited until you were 16. ;)

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