Sue with Darrell

We had just met with Darrell that Friday afternoon but before leaving Sue wanted to ask if he would be willing to meet with her again if we decided to continue on this course.
I was a little shaken by the way she had responded to him but Sue was ecstatic she looked like a young girl her eyes were clear and sparkled with excitement as she slid over against me holding onto my arm bubbling with energy as she relived the episode laughing at how free she felt and probed me about my thoughts asking if I had enjoyed it to.
I was unsure if I had or not but my shorts felt sticky because at some point I must have came to.
She must have asked me 10 times if I was sorry but I wasn't sure just how I felt so I lied and told her that I was very happy for her then she sat there unable to hide her smile holding tight to my arm and asked could I do it again I mean it was soo wrong but I have never been so excited in my life and his c*** was so big I couldn't believe it would fit inside of me but it did and I have never felt stuffed so full before.
She was quiet for a while with a dreamy lookin her eyes and a thought accrued to me that she probably still had some of his c** in her.
My c*** responded immediately and I took her hand and laid it in my lap and Sue began to laugh playfully as she unzipped my pants as I strained upwards so she could get my zipper open and she freed my c*** slowly stroking it and said scoot your seat back and I did then she said don't wreck the car now and she sucked my c*** into her mouth but soon stopped and said your shorts are all sticky did you already c** laughing up at me so I pushed her head back down on my c*** and was able to control the car when I came.
I agreed to a second meeting after that but I wasn't sure I could watch her again so I told her to go alone this time but tell me later what happened.
Well she called him on our cell phone but he was busy Saturday but could do it Sunday if she wanted so even though she was a little upset knowing that he was probably going to be with another married woman the next day she was still excited all that day and we went to Marine World to take her mind off of what he was doing .
Early Sunday morning she was up and around busy cooking breakfast then cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry in a frenzy glancing at the clock many times then she finally admitted that she was a nervous wreck waiting and he had told her not to get there before 10:00 AM I kidded her about him maybe having a sleep over and he wanted to have time for a quickie before booting her ass out but she didn't think that was to funny so she left.
his is what she later reported to me she couldn't remember much of the trip but was reliving what had happened that Friday and she was there at his house waiting outside because she was early and wanted the other woman to leave so she wouldn't embarrass him but no woman left as at 10:00 she knocked on the door and he opened it and she was so ready they came together in a rush and they tore at each others clothes as they made their way to his bed and she shed her skirt and panty's as she climbed up onto his bed and turned to face him and he was nude now his hard c*** poking out in front of him and she opened her legs or him then he was forcing his c*** into her she was so ready her panty's were soaked and he slid into her effortlessly and they began to f***. She said that she had her first o***** in just a short time then she had several in a row as they f***** mindlessly their bodies slapping against each other frantically then he came deep in her and he laid on top of her his head in the pillow beside hers as they gasped for breath.
She remembered laughing then breathlessly then as they recovered she went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up and they talked but only for a short time before they were once again on the bed f****** nd this time it took longer and they talked about his lifestyle and she found that it excited her more listening to him talk about how good it felt s******* another mans wife just looking at her wedding ring and knowing that he was breaking all of the wedding vows and the woman was a willing partner.
After they came again she laid on the bed beside him stroking his c*** and marveling at it describing how it felt in her hand and hw it tasted when she sucked him into her mouth thence decided that she had c** enough and decided to just suck him off as that is what she did and she said several times he went soft saying that he hardly ever c*** a third time but she was determined and finally got him off and just out of curiosity she swallowed his c** to see what it tasted k*** No she has sucked me off dozens of times but she either spits it out or uses an hankie to spit it into when I c** but now she promises to swallow from now on.
There was no mention of a third meeting and I didn't ask her about it but if there is I want to be there.

Oct 3, 2018

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