I’m bored shitless of my relationship. I love my boyfriend but he just isn’t my cup of tea anymore. He does nothing for my personal needs. He’s a good person but man I’m bored bored bored. I really wanna cheat on him. I want to cause an argument with him all the time just to create excitement. I sometimes create issues just so that there’s something remotely interesting to talk about looooooooool he’s f****** boring but he has a big d*** :)

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  • Easy solution. Break up with him. Your not married and why bother with his problems. Tell him you want to move on and you wish him the best

  • What you need is to have some fun. I'll give you plenty of good loving and take you on trips. I have my pilots license and own my own twin engine Beech Craft King Air. Look it up so you know what plane I have. Anyway we can travel and enjoy life. I have a home in Bangor, San Francisco, Houston. I just bought a brand new Corvette ZR1 convertible and going to buy the 2019 Mid engine Corvette when they come out. I have an extensive muscle car collection and Corvette collection it's my main hobby. But I like nice things so shoot me. I'm into music and travel all over to see shows. I also play guitar and have a really nice guitar collection and a music studio in my house in San Fran. I just bought a nice 1958 Gibson Les Paul sun burst that I paid darn near half a mil for. I'm tan, tall, blonde, and athletic too. Have two kids and divorced. Kids live with mom. Anyway I know how to have fun. Life is too short to be unhappy and you sound unhappy. Leave that boring man and start an adventure. You won't regret it. Have to go I'm flying to Arizona and then back to New York this evening for dinner.

  • The desperation and delusion are (incredibly) strong with this one.

  • You need a hobby. Start collecting men. Live in big house. Then visit each one when you want them. Have all them pay the bills. In returns you can make them happy

  • IOW, become a prostitute? Classy.

  • I had the same, only I had kids. I started smoking just because I was so bored (which isn't healthy but I do enjoy it). But then I got into an affair with a woman I knew thru church; she's great.

  • He sounds like a Republican. Dump him and find a Democrat. You'll be happier, even if he hasn't got a big schwanz.

  • Democrats are never happy! They whine and cry about everything and are full of hate. Its exactly why you had to bring up politics in this comment section that has nothing to do with politics!

  • Because rightie rednecks and Trumptards never pull that kind of garbage. Ever.

  • Just have affairs. What's your problem? If you're lucky, you find a guy with a big d*** who is fun to be with. I have always transitioned from one guy to the next by having affairs. And if you get caught, it gets really exciting.

  • You realize you are just using this guy for s**. You don't love him. I doubt if you know the meaning of the word.

  • A big d*** isn't everything.

  • True, but I love it when he enters my cervix. But I'm finding p**** tasty too.

  • Yeah, some times aggressive sucking at the crotch is required

  • So what could he do that would be exciting? Decide what things would he could do and then get him to do them.

  • If he has a big c*** let him go. I’m sure there are plenty of females waiting for a chance to meet him. Quit feeling sorry for you or him. Doesn’t sound like you have anything in common

  • How big? Lol

  • You need a g*******

  • Maybe he’s tired with you and only sticks around because of your hole...tat

  • If you marry him it will get much worse. Tell him what my ex-girlfriend told me. Date other women because I date other men. If he can't accept that then dump him just like I dumped my ex-girl after the conversation.

    Be prepared to never see him again.

  • Some body need to put it in your mouth

  • Do yourself both a favor and leave him.

  • You don't know yourself and you are blaming him.

    If you love him, you will dominate him not belittle and blame him.

    But you don't love him and you don't have any self confidence.

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