I can't stand you. But I want to call you up and let you know how much I can't stand you and why. You have so much baggage and so many issues and you think that that makes you unique, but what makes you unique (an unpleasant) is that you project your s*** on to people who want to be close to you. I tried to get close to you and you were stone f****** cold, only f****** me from time to time because you use s** as an escape when alcohol isn't enough. And you blamed me for not being affectionate, after you gave me all the excuses in the world about why you didn't want to touch me or warm up to me unless it was to f***. I opened up to you and told you I was assaulted when I was younger. You pulled away from me and made me feel like a bad person for having feelings about it. When I complimented you you took my words, found tiny things you didn't like about them, and distorted them to make me look like an a******. You think you are so awesome and revolutionary but you are as naive as can be, and I know it's not your fault because you were sheltered for way too long but you have no idea how absurd and self absorbed some of your ideas are. You want to talk about annoying and hurting the people around you? THAT will annoy the people around you, and hurt them... I lost my place because of your need to tell someone you didnt know that his ideas and life experience were stupid. You have a gift for talking about your feelings but blame others when they don't invite you to do so, even though you are obviously capable of speaking for yourself. You give your power away and blame the person you give it to for having it. I hate you. But you hate yourself more, and you will never attract someone who wants to share love into your life because of that. Eat s***.

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