Lost virginity

I lost my virginity to my bestfriends mom when I was 16.  The summer after I turned 16 I was trying to save money to buy a car. I was asking pretty much everyone if they had any odd jobs they wanted me to do so i could get this car my dads friend owned.
I asked my bestfriends mom and she said her bedroom needed painting and wanted to know if I could do that. I assured her painting was my skill and asked her when she wanted it done. She told me the coming weekend her kids (my bestfriend and his little sister) would be going to their dads house for the weekend. That would be convenient because her and I could move the furniture out into the living room without disrupting anyone. She told me that if she wasn't home when I got there, she would be dropping off her kids at their dads house and would be back shortly. She said i could just go on in and start moving things out of her bedroom.

So Saturday morning I walked over to their house and i didn't see her car in the driveway. Assuming she wasn't home i walked in and headed for the bedroom. When i opened the door i saw my bestfriends mom laying on the bed naked. I quickly apologized and looked down as i tried to back out the door, but she stopped me by saying it was ok, and that I should come in. I kind of just stopped, unsure what to do. That's when she told me to come sit on the bed next to her. I did as she said and walked over, still looking at the floor. She asked me if I had ever seen a naked woman before? This being 1988 and the internet hadn't come about, I had really only seen a couple playboy magazines that coincidentally her son, my bestfriend had showed me.  She asked me to look at her and I did. She was gorgeous, with perfect t***, a nicely trimmed p****, and a light golden tan. She was slim with probably B or C size t***.

She then reached out and touched my arm. I flinch a little, and she told me to relax. Truth be told I wasn't sure if I flinched because she was naked, I was nervous, or if it was because I had a h******. She ended up getting up behind me and rubbing my shoulders. She then took off my shirt and continued rubbing my shoulders. Before I knew it, I had my jeans off and I was naked laying next to her as she was sucking my c***. I almost shot c** several times and had to stop her because I didn't want to be embarrassed. After the third time of me stopping her, she finally got up on top of me and slid her p**** down on my c***. I finally lost control and shot c** in her only a few minutes after she started riding me.

I ended up having s** with her most of that summer and into the fall until she ended it because she found a new boyfriend.  My bestfriend never found out.  We graduated high school and went our separate ways to college. After college graduation I moved around for a few years before ending up back in my hometown. I had no more than moved back when I ran into my bestfriends sister. All grownup now and looking hot, I asked her out for dinner and we hit it off. She and I eventually married and we are still married to this day with 3 kids and 1 grandkid on the way. She nor my bestfriend know to this day that I lost my virginity to their mom in the summer of 1988.  Its has been interesting over the years at family get togethers when their mom looks at me and just smiles. No words are needed, she and I both know what the other is thinking, our dirty little secret.


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  • Surprised there was no follow up

  • You should have dominated her and f***** her real hard

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