I live in the Twin Cities. I’m a straight guy who enjoys a healthy, normal, and satisfying s** life with my attractive wife of 20 years. She still turns me on as much as ever. But as much as I’ve always enjoyed f****** her or getting a b*******, it’s still masturbation that gets me off more than anything. Doing it with my wife, of course, but also when I’m alone. The fact is that nobody eIse makes me c** as good as I do. There is something about playing with myself that never stops being fun. First, having the thought and feeling the urge. Then reaching for my d*** and feeling it get hard in my hand. Teasing and coaxing it into life. Getting it hard. Rubbing it. Stroking it. Shaking it, and slapping it. Enjoying the look and feel of it in my hand. Amazing myself with how f****** hard I can get it. Jacking it while I watch p***, or watch my wife while she watches me. Knowing that a good climax is building. Feeling my b**** tighten. And then, finally, savoring the delicious moment when I spasm and get to watch thick streams of c** shoot out of my swollen and pulsing shaft and splatter all over whatever I’m aiming towards. My belly. The floor. My wife. For me, no other o***** is better the ones I give myself.

It’s been like this my whole life. At a young age, I remember many times riding my bike and suddenly feeling h**** and looking for a place to go beat off. I grew up in the country, so more often than not I’d do it right on the side of the road. Just unzip my pants or shorts and jack myself off right there. But sometimes I would pull my bike into the trees or bushes where I could get totally naked and take my time. Even better when a car would pass, or when there was a house visible through the trees. The thought of someone seeing me, watching me, really turned me on. It still does.

That’s not to say that I’m an exhibitionist. I enjoy the thought, I guess, but I certainly would never want to shock or horrify a girl who wasn’t expecting it. That can leave scars. I can understand why guys would want to expose themselves to a woman, but it’s just stupid and crazy to think that most girls are going to be instantly turned on when unexpectedly confronted with the sight of some guys throbbing b****. That said, I really do believe that most girls would secretly watch if they had the opportunity to do so safely. Am I wrong about that?

Actually, that exact thing happened to me once. My wife was out of town one summer Saturday. I was feeling h**** (as usual), so I decided to go for a drive. Just grab some lunch and a few beers at some small town bar. Maybe get lucky and find an attractive waitress to give me someone to think about while I get off (pretty much all women are attractive to me when I’m in the mood!), then go and j******* in the car while driving around. That’s something else I’ve always enjoyed. So that’s what I did. I was completely naked driving around back country roads, fondling my c*** while driving past houses and people and other cars, when I found a good remote spot to get out and finally c**. I was standing next to the running car looking down the road in both directions to make sure nobody was coming, just slowly twisting the palm of my had against the head of my engorged d*** and lightly squeezing my tight nuts. I remember how good it felt after an hour of working up to that o***** and finally standing there in the sunshine with the warm breeze blowing across my c*** and b****. I can still remember how hard and sensitive my c*** was at that moment. When I came, I came as good as I ever have. A powerful, intense, and uncontrollable o*****. But as soon as the first two or three spurts of c** shot out, I heard the sound of a horse neighing. When I looked ahead, I noticed that there was a horse trail coming out of the woods directly in front of me. And on the horse trail, maybe 20 yards away, was a middle-aged woman out for a ride. She was stopped and sitting there watching me. I immediately froze, but my b**** didn’t. They continued to eject the last of my c** even as I turned to get back into the car. I remember the last of my j*** hitting the inside of the door as I jumped in, put it in gear, and took off. I was feeling a bit scared that she got a license plate and would call the cops. But then as I calmed down, I realized that she actually must have been quietly watching me. I have no idea how long she was there. I had been there maybe 10 minutes, so I’m sure she was there long enough to get over her initial surprise, but she never said a word or made a sound. It was her horse that gave her away. Later that night I jacked off again thinking about it. About her watching me w*** and c**, and about her maybe enjoying herself later. It still turns me on and gives me some good beat off material. LOL!

Believe me, there are other stories I could tell. I’ve been fortunate, I guess, to be able to experience some pretty amazing moments like that over the years. But I’m tired of typing, and I’m feeling h****, so those stories will have to wait for another time.

Right now I’m going to go j******* thinking about my wife and how I love to watch her m********* for me until I finally get to go over to her and j*** all over her beautiful t***. She enjoys that as much as I do! Or how I love to rub my c*** on her ass while she’s laying down humping her vibe or a pillow. Or maybe I’ll imagine her finally letting me c** in her face. I’ve never done that, but I’ve seen it in the p*** videos and sure would like to try it some time. Maybe one day.

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed my little confession. Do you think I’m strange or a normal guy? If you’ve got some comments or questions, or maybe a confession or story of your own to share, I sure would love to hear from you. I can never have enough good material.

Oct 17, 2018

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  • As you I absolutely love j**********. I will do it any and everywhere I can. I always loved j********** in public. I started when I was 8.

  • I too m********* daily even after having s** with my Wife. She is beautiful and gorgeous. But enjoying myself is nothing that can explain. Its h**** to j*** in lone places and public toilets. I make my wife m********* for me.

  • You must like looking in mirrors.

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