Getting fat

I have always dreamed of growing a big, round, huge belly my whole life. Even when I was a kid I remember saying to myself that when I grew up I wanted to be a big fat bellied man.

Well my career wouldn’t allow it so I had to fight the desire for 30 years. Now I’m nearing 60 and have retired and decided to finally let go and follow my dream.

My wife was surprised but said do what you want. It hasn’t slowed down our s** life as I’m getting larger but I wish she’d embrace it more. I’m a big guy to begin with, 6’3” tall and was about 245 when I made the decision to let go. I’m up to 280 and have developed quite a nice belly and love it.

Matter of fact, I love it so much I want to try to double the size. My wife won’t help by encouraging or feeding me and I find that that thought arouses me quite a bit. I’d love to find a woman who likes big guys to feed and encourage me as I grow larger.

I’d love some female attention to my paunch and confess the thought of a nice woman making me fatter is very arousing.

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  • I am a few years behind you, but have the same urges and same fight trying not to give in. Perhaps if I ever retire

  • Hey, better late than never. Live your life fat man! I chose to make myself obese a few years ago and never looked back. I'm over 300 lbs now and going for more!

  • My dream exactly. Fat and fatter, for some of us is what are meant to be. Don’t judge.

  • Yes I think we need to stop making fun of others and their stories. Give them a chance.

  • Well it could have really happened yes who knows stop being such a doubter. We need to believe in others until it proven they are not telling the truth. I believe.

  • Ok Tinker Bell I believe and sure it happened yes lets all believe and it will come to pass, Lol. Yeah right.

  • You should call my mom. She made my dad into a huge big bellied man who ended up playing Santa at the local mall because of his huge belly and long white hair and beard. If she did it for him she would surely help make you as fat as you want. You won't be around as long though as she finally succeeded and killed my father. He had a heart attack two Christmas's ago walking from the food court to sit in Santa's chair. Not good all the poor children looking on as the EMT's performed CPR on my father/ their Santa. Anyway she needs a man in her life and since you love women who enjoy feeding men till they pop you should consider the job open. That and we still have his Santa suit hanging up in the hall closet. Just a thought.

  • What a bunch of BS no way this is just more made up crap you find here. The internet is nothing but crap all made up BS no way this happened. Who would believe such a thing actually happened. Who?

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