The Service Station Bathroom

I don't why I did it but I felt drawn to. I was watching the movie Porky's and where they were watching through the hole in the girls gym shower. Well it gave me an idea. The service station I work at we have just one bathroom for everyone. The ladies room broke and we use it for storage. So what I did was drilled a hole in the wall and put a two way mirror over the hole. Now when we have a hot chic use the bathroom I watch them. I stand on the other side of the wall and spank my monkey while they p*** and p***. Oh man it really turns me on. I recently have gotten a good video camera and am taping them. I look at all the women. Well the ones that are nice looking enough. One time I thing one heard me and she was yelling who's in here all while I was filming her naked bare ass and m***.

I want to get caught so all the women who come to our shop will know I have spied upon their naked bodies and lusted for them. Now I can go home and watch again in my apartment. I thought about putting some of the videos on the internet to share with others. These women, moms, sisters, daughters, even grand mas are very sexy and hot. The ass's I have spied through that hole in the ladies room wall are so awesome. I can't stop it. I have sought out professional help but I think he's getting off on my revelations. Even if he wants to tell he can't. Anyway I have several boxes full of tapes of women p****** and pooping that I j*** off to. They are all so lovely. I really long to be with them that's why I started to tape them. Have to go another one just asked for the key to the bathroom.

Nov 14, 2018

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  • Your names not Chuck Berry is it?

    Seriously, you're a s** offender. You ought to be on some sort of register

  • You must live in your parents basement with nothing but a game station. Another words no life

  • Do you even use it for black mailing them for f***

  • Take my word for it loser. You do not want to be caught. Plug up the hole and quit being such a perverted a******.

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