Bad feeling

I have this nagging thought and feeling that my sister's way of talking and interacting with people will cut her life short... like she will p*** someone off so bad, that someone would physically exert pain to her to get her to stop.

It's complicated. Does it have to be? I need to find a solution. I care for her. She doesn't think she has a problem. From observation, I think she may not want to admit how severe her approach/attitude is.

I fear she will suffer pain or death because of her personality. It makes me sad that I feel hopeless.

I write it here, because even though this is spitting it out into the universe, I feel at least I could say it but not put it in the universe, you know.

I only want the best for her health, sanity and life.

kinda broken hearted,
middle sis

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  • Im sorry. I just read your comment. You sound like a wonderfull sister and a very careing and loveing soft hearted person. I wish I had a magic wond and was able too fix your sister and her hurts and destrutive behaviour. How old are you bought and my heart breaks for you bought. Just be there and tell her you love her and she can talk with you anytime. But also look after yourself honey as you cant look after anybody when your burnt out. I wish I could do something as I said honey. But I will be here and sending you my love and huge huggs. Stay safe and well..

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