I Saw God

I was raised to be very religious, and while I tried very hard to do what I was told that God wanted for me, I wasn't very happy. Furthermore, while I liked the idea of God, I never really felt like he was there listening when I prayed. I thought, if I just do better to follow Jesus, if I just pray harder, if I just pay more attention in church, I'll finally feel God's presence in my life. But nothing worked, and I lost my faith in my early twenties.

But last night, I took mushrooms for the first time, and I looked into the face of God. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced, and after it happened, I was so full of joy that I laughed and cried.

A few things I learned about God:
1. God is female
2. She is the matter that the universe is made of
3. She doesn't demand respect because she is powerful and eternal and does not need the silly pleasantries of humans to be happy
4. She never leaves, she just changes form like a star
5. She is sexy, and so are you because, like everything else in the universe, you are made of her
6. She wants us to be happy

Apr 26, 2015

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  • Look at all the triggered Xtians, crying because this version of god doesn't match up with theirs. As if YOU window lickers don't hallucinate-- but OP needed shrooms to get there, you're just missing brain chemicals.

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