On the road

I was going to put this in embarrassing but thought here would be better. I love getting caught giving road head to my boyfriend. Driving down the hwy face buried in his lap with my ass up in the air as he plays with my p****. I tell him to always drive in the middle lane so people can see from both sides. Sometime we pull over in a carpark and I finish him off there. Once a guy pulled in to watch us in his truck. Total turn on

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  • Defiantly one of my fav things

  • I love when my virgin fiancée does this. I make sure she makes anyone that can see her get a good view of her ass and virgin p****.

  • I bet that turns your BF on as much as it does you.

  • Which hgw you follow i ll be waiting there for you to fuckk you in a most indecent manner mankind have ever seen bitchh

  • If you see my virgin fiancée’s ass and p**** pointed at you, on the road, I hope you deflower her and f*** her in the most incident manner, too!

  • You’re a hot lil sl@t ain’t ya?? Would LOVE to have you as my gf!!!!! My gf is the most uptight b**** you will ever meet. S3x once a week if that, always in the bedroom, always with lights off. Missionary position with me on top. No cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, oral s3x...nothing. I don’t get j3rked off at all, and only 1 finger in her p&ssy. I attempted to put 2 in once and she backed right off, got dressed and went to sleep downstairs. Worst part is she is smoking hot with a banging HOT BODY!!!

  • Very hot!

  • I love to watch and be watched so it shouldn't be no big surprise that i m********* while driving and if i seen your ass up in the air i would have stopped with yall and i would have walked over and asked you if you mind i get off watching you and may b join in.

  • If I would see you like this i will bang you right in your ass infront of your BF and every single passer by you b****

  • I hope you see my virgin fiancée’s ass and virgin p**** then, so that you can deflower her in front of me and every single passer by.

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