Can a guy get off while asleep

I have been...Abusing my brother in law for some time now, once a month or so him and my sister will party it up, He is and always has been a heavy sleeper when drinking, Even my sister says she doesn't even bother trying to wake him up after 6-7 beers but I usually try to contain it to times he has had more than that.
Anyway I seen him once, long ago and became somewhat infatuated with him, I caught a glimpse of him, Ok, More than a glimpse but I spied on him in the shower when I was younger, Younger than I should have been watching that (14). At the time I had not had one to compare anything to but did think that if they were all that size I was going to be in trouble and wasn't sure I wanted to do that, Over the years i had a few chances to Slide the bathroom door open and watch the reflection in the mirror which gave me an opportunity to watch what a guy does when he doesn't get enough from his wife, My sister, She is my oldest sibling and 13 years older than me.
My brother in law is 3 years older than my sister and a super nice guy, I am now 26 and over the past 10 years have spent hours with my brother in laws huge, Beautiful c***, I am still fascinated by it and intrigued at how a 40 something guy can be that well put together, Healthy, Well built and have a 9inch long and over 7 inch thick c*** (I measured) that can get rock hard and stay like that for hours. My first time seeing it up close I had sneaked into their room after walking past and seeing a huge bulge under the sheet, I stood and stared at it for a long time before sneakily folding the thin sheet back and staring, Not long after I took it in my hand and came before I even got a chance to stroke it, I have built up some...Stamina to the point where I sneak in, Get his monstrosity out and he is such a heavy sleeper I can touch it, Stroke it, Lick it, Suck it and 3 times now he has came.
This is the part I don't get, I tried it with my most recent ex and he woke up every time, My ex before him didn't even get hard if he was asleep, My brother in law laying on his side will lay there with no reaction except maybe some changes in breathing until he makes a moan, Tenses up and comes for me, Then I make sure he's clean and go to my room, Can a guy do that or is he awake?????

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  • Im sorry daddy and i no your busy. i hope you can see this and you were so kind and nice too me. i miss laying on you and you singing too me daddy huggs xxxx

  • Well

  • He's pretending to be asleep so he doesn't freak you out, because if he was awake, because both of you would then have to deal with the fact that he was cheating on his wife.

  • And as long as he is 'asleep' it's technically rape and not cheating.

  • Definitely possible. Can even be done without an erection.

  • My girlfriend and her sister f***** me one night. I hadn't slept for 3 days, long story. Anyway, when I finally got home, my girlfriend wanted to have s**. I just wanted to sleep. So I dropped into bed and passed out. Found out later that both my girlfriend and her sister had their way with me as I slept. Both of them took turns riding me, and evidently I ended up c****** in my girlfriends sister. That's actually why I found out. My girlfriend was p***** off because I shot my load in her sister instead of her. So she yelled at me for it after several days of me asking her what was wrong.

  • Your GF acts like high school.

  • Well we are 21, so there is that. Oh, and she just likes to f***, both of them do. We have a sort of open relationship. She has f***** other guys right in front of me. I f***** her sister several times, and a few of her friends, including a threesome with me, her, and her bestfriend.

  • Oh, I should have told you about how it started when she and I went to a party. I got pretty drunk and ended up passing out early. When woke up, most everyone was gone. I walked into one of the bedrooms and there was my girlfriend with her legs in the air and some guy I had never met before, f****** going b**** deep into her. I was p***** and walked home. Later she claimed she wanted to f*** me but I was too drunk. That's when she let me f*** her sister the first time, and so began our open relationship.

  • Yeah I can do this. My girlfriend discovered it when I was passed out after a mad night out. She woke up all h****, got on top and f***** me and I had no idea when I woke up, she didn't realise I was sleeping I was so hard. Now she treats it like a game, and usually films it. A couple of times she has filmed her girlfriends checking it out, licking it and even wanking me off! She finds it funny as she knows I think that friend is hot but never got to enjoy the o***** as I was stone cold sleeping!

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