Got busted

On a field trip we stayed at a large hotel, Me and some friends had met two guys who work at the hotel earlier that day and they told us to sneak out and meet them in the hot tub room at midnight.
Only three of us sneaked out and down the stairs to the hot tub room, The two guys were there and we all started fooling around, My one friend got scared and left and my other friend and the other guy went somewhere else, Me and the last guy were messing around and I got naked then he did and we went into the sauna, I was on my knees jerking him when the door to the sauna opened and there was one of my teachers standing there.
Instantly the guy ran and my teacher tried to stop him but he pushed right past and bolted yelling at the other two and then all grabbed their clothes and ran leaving me there all by myself to take the entire blame. I was gonna run but he had already seen me and knew who I was, I started crying and trying to talk my way out of it but he just stood there, He said "grab your clothes, we are going to have to go call your parents", I freaked and started pleading but he wasn't having any of it, I was losing my mind and he said "Where are your clothes", I pointed and he turned around grabbing them then handed them to me, I said "My shirts there too", The whole time he was telling me how disappointed he was and so on, as he looked for my shirt I put my shorts on and tucked my panties in my pocket then he told me my shirt wasn't there.
He looked around for a towel or something but there was nothing so he stood there and thought for a minute then unbuttoned his shirt and took off the t-shirt he had on and handed it to me, As he went to put on his button up shirt I went for it and shoved my hand down his pants grabbing his wiener, He was already hard but he put his hands up and said "Whoa Steph, No, No, No" and tried to pull my hand away, I held on tight, Looked him in the eyes and said "I'll suck your d*** if you don't tell".
Long story short I swallowed Mr. Lawson's load and thought that would be the end of it but he took it a step further and put another inside me in the sauna and needless to say I got out of being busted and grounded and probably mocked and disgraced at school if not totally s*** shamed. Me and Mr Lawson only have one class together but it's always a good class and my grade in his class has improved ever so slightly ;)

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  • I don't know how old you or your teacher are, but a man can only take so much tempting. Once his c*** is hard and a willing girl right there with him, he just can't help but go for that sexual release. P**** is just too tempting for any guy under those circumstances. Hope you secretly enjoyed it too.

  • So your teacher is a paedophile.
    Not cool.

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