Amy my wife

Amy and I were married only a short time when this happened.
Delbert a friend of mine came over for a football game and we had several beers while we drank them
Amy never drinks but Delbert had brought along a bottle of wine for her so she took a glass to be social but after just one glass she was tipsy.
Delbert and I were friends but he was always the dominant one withme going along with whatever he wanted and I saw right off that his intention was to get her drunk and f*** her.
He had told me he was going to do it sooner or later and I had mixed feelings about it but I let him convince me it would be alright.
So after her second glass she was having trouble talking and she laughed at everything we said and Delbert was getting pretty personnel with her.
He even asked her to serve us topless but she refused then he pulled her onto his lap and she only struggled a little as he opened her blouse and he told her to serve us this way.
Amy was pretty drunk now and when he toke her to set in the kitchen chair she did so and she even laughed when he opened his pants and showed her his c***.
He said you are going to suck me off and she looked at me owlishly and said OH you guys but he took her face in his hands and pulled her forward telling her to open her mouth and she did then He was f****** her mouth and he looked over at me and sad see I told you she would do it as she slobbered all over his c*** and b****.
He said grab her other arm and lets get her into the bedroom and I was going to object but he said do it man and I helped him take my wife into th bedroom and he laid her back on the bed.
Amy was looking owlishly around te room as he pushed her skirt up over her waist and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and lifter her legs over his shoulders and pushed his pants down and pulled her panty's to one side.
Amy was dry and it was hard for him to get his c*** into her but in only a couple strokes she was producing lube that sounded raunchy as he f***** her we stood there with im talking and me watching feeling odd watching his c*** slip in and out of my wife like that but it only lasted a little while before he came then dressed and left.
I stood there for a long time watching his c** leak out of her then I took a warm wet wash cloth and washed up her matted pubic hair.

Dec 20, 2018

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  • Your a cuckold you should eat the c**, suck it out of her p**** and lick Delberts c*** clean to thank him for f****** your wife.

  • You have a friend called Delbert?! That's funny.

  • I guess you're both into it but you need to be sober both of you so you can enjoy and participate. There is nothing better than 2 guys pleasing a wonderful woman

  • Did I ASK for your email, creeper?! F*** outta here, you're not invited to anything. Loser.

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