Everyone treats me like a doormat, please help

I was bullied all through school. I eventually stopped going to church because I was even getting ridiculed there, accused of things I didn't actually do, while the rest of the youth my age got drunk and barfed every weekend, yet they were deemed as perfect angels. Moving on...
Ive quit or been fired from about 30 jobs for similar reasons (any career counselor can attest that you are more likely to lose a job over your personal skills than your work skills). Im always bullied, bossed around by co-workers who think they are my supervisors, always overlooked for promotions, usually screwed out of my payraises.
Most my family members enjoy making cruel jokes toward me. Likewise, Ive had little choice but to disown most of them.
Worst of all, my two best friends, whom Ive been close to since birth, have recently left.
Ive found myself all alone, 40 years old now (sigh). No gf/wife/kids, no friends, just a part time job, which I am lucky to have. I enjoy the job yet everyone there treats me like I don't even exist.
Life is not supposed to be this way. Ive seen way too many therapists. I have depression and anxiety. I cant go on this way any longer, and I realy don't know what to do to change anything.
If you've read this far, Im sorry, but any actual useful advice at this point would be very much appreciated and put toward good use.
Please help. Thanks

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  • One person thinks I'm stupid and worthless. So he must be an ass hole. Two people think that. Well, I need to stop and think about it. Everybody thinks I'm a stupid ass-hole. Well I guess my only course is to kill myself and prove them wrong.

  • I know , kill everybody in the school , naw , castrate or shoot them in the b**** instead , death is too good for them , like they need to suffer more for their sins and torment .

  • As much as I feel for your dilemma, some truth in what these people have said but I think you will find that you have had a misdiagnosis.

    If you are on antidepressants this eventually will make you worse and the chances are you actually have a mental health issue that needs addressing.

    Let me ask you? Do you feel that you don't have a place in the world and that everyone seems to be picking on every little thing you do?

  • What are you suggesting?

  • I think you have a mental health issue that's what I'm suggesting

  • Quite accurate

  • Thank you guys for all your replies, some are more useful than others. I'm still taking my meds, seeing my therapist. I've recently learned a relative has stage 4 cancer and has a limited amount of time left, it's so unfair bc she has only in recent years became happy. I plan on selling my art in craft shows this year, something I've never done before. I'm still generally healthy. My parents are still alive. Several cute, still child-bearing age girls have either smiled at me or spoken to me. It would be wrong to end it all while my parents are still alive. I live with them these days. It would be nice to be able to give them grand children. I still have my part time job, of 3 years, longest one I've ever held. The past is in the past. The future is in the future. Recently I met a troubled 19 year old girl online who lives far away. We have become very close. I serve as her mentor and offer the best advice I can. I'd love to find someone like her for a life partner. Thanks again for all the responses and for reading.

  • Maybe focus your energy on wellness and therapeutic art rather than adding to the world's messed-up population? Nobody NEEDS kids or grandkids in this day and age, and no kid needs troubled parent/s. As someone who's been on life's sidelines, you should be capable of seeing this clearly.

  • First of all find another church to attend. Second make a gratitude list where you actually write down all the things you are thankful for. Third get a copy of the AA Big Book and read how their recovery program works. First is developing a spiritual relationship with God as you understand him. Pray the Serenity prayer every day..." God Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". Next try each day to find someone worse off than you and then do things to help them, seeking nothing in return. This will get you out of yourself. By helping others you will be filled with positive feelings about yourself, and you will automatically begin having your needs met as well. There was a saying in Amway..."if you help others reach their dreams, you will automatically reach yours. The best way to help yourself is to place others needs above your own.

  • Lots of us get bullied. Learn to love it.

  • I agree , we can chat about this in an anonym way here : https://www.facebook.com/plof.plof.14 ;)

  • School shootings happen. Learn to love them.

  • Amen.

  • Try to stop worrying and blaming. Treat others nice. Don't tell them your life story. Just say Hi and smile.

  • I think it's you. You blame someone else

  • Dude. Your life could be alot worse. You’re alive & breathing. Be f****** grateful for that. Instead of counting what you don’t have...COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS AGAIN AND AGAIN and I swear more blessings will come. Change your mindset cuz it sucks. So what you have depression...everyone has f****** depression. Get over yourself and quit throwing pity parties and start throwing how imma get my life together parties. Nobody is going to save you from your life. Save yourself and be the change YOU need. No buts. No ifs....just get on with it.

  • There are several people with more damaged personality you 'll find here, the question why me will never be answered in our case so better to accept it for example others take a p*** on us and we can't even say it so i take myself as an important asset for people to crush my self respect and get empty inside. I know it hurts alot but you can't do anything about it. Love,respect,wife,children god says YOU can't have them, so be it.

    Every single f ucking day i beg for death to come no one hears but still hope to get better,keeping my faith but inside i m dead.

    As far as an advice is concerned don't look up it hurts just look down and you'll be fine

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