Crossdress and Used Condoms

When I was young and living with my parents, it was very difficult to indulge in my crossdressing but when I did it drove me so wild sexually that I really didn’t know what to do with myself.
I’d acquired a collection of lingerie over the years that I’d hidden in a guitar amplifier in my bedroom but it was full to overflowing and I needed somewhere else to store it all.
To satisfy my urges I’d taken to driving out at night fully dressed under my clothes, walking past my unknowing parents and going to deserted car parks.
Once there I’d strip off to my undies, always a matching suspender bra set with black lace top stockings and a pair of cream leather high heel boots that I found stuffed into a hedge on one of my car park adventures.
On one occasion I was walking around in my lingerie, loving the feeling of being free and quite a distance from my car, illuminated by my headlights, excited at being exposed when I heard a car slow down as if to turn into my empty car park.
I hurried back to the safety of my car and with a few seconds to spare, closed the door and the interior light went out before the car arrived.
My instinct was to hurriedly get dressed but as I scrambled for my clothes I noticed the car park a safe distance away from me so I stayed in my lingerie.
There was a couple in the car and I could see them kissing so I wound my window down to see if I could hear them.
I could hear faint moans to start with which got louder and louder and I started to m********* in time to the moans, made all the more erotic that I was crossdressed and completely exposed in my car just a few feet away from them.
They came quietly so I didn’t c** with them, just on the verge when I saw the car door open and the driver threw the condom out.
For some reason this made me incredibly excited and as soon as their car left I ran over to where they were parked in my heels, stockings and lingerie, totally reckless and recovered their condom.
My heart was pounding when I got back to the car, I played with it in my fingers, the fact that it was still warm drove me wild!
I was so excited I really didn’t know what to do. I wanted to taste it but was afraid to so I untied it, making sure no c** was spilled and rolled it onto my c***.
The feeling of the warm c** on my c*** was unbelievable and I added my load very quickly.
Afterwards I felt disgusted with myself and didn’t do it again.
Some time afterwards I got my kicks from crossdressing under my work clothes and picking up street prostitutes. I loved the shock when they saw my panties and when I lowered my trousers, my stockings and suspenders, most were OK with it but I enjoyed more the s** with the girls who obviously didn’t like it but went along with it, I think it was the humiliation that excited me.
After a while I got to know the places where the girls took their clients and one day while h**** and driving around while crossdressed I pulled into one of the car parks hoping to see some car s** but it was empty.
Then I noticed all the used condoms on the ground.
Something clicked in me and it drove me wild!
I got out of the car and started picking them up, selecting the ones with the biggest loads, hands trembling as I did. I put about 10 into a McDonalds cup that was in my car, not knowing what I was going to do with them.
I drove back to my parents house innocently holding the cup of condoms and went to my room.
Once I’d blocked the door so nobody could walk in I stripped down to my lingerie and sat down at my computer desk to watch a slideshow of p*** pics that I had saved.
I poured my stolen condoms on the desk in anticipation, heart racing.
I played with them, feeling the c** between my fingers and eventually plucked the courage up to put one in my mouth.
The thought that I was tasting p**** and having a stranger’s c** in my mouth was electric. As I was about to c** I bit the condom.
I felt the c** drain into my mouth and I immediately climaxed.
Immediately afterwards I felt disgusted with myself but not long afterwards I was lying on my bed untying the rest of the condoms and emptying them onto my face and chest, rubbing it into my chest and bra imagining I was being cummed on!
I still occasionally indulge today but the opportunities are not as frequent unfortunately.

Sep 26, 2020

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  • Yes, very nasty. Liked the cross dressing, but picking up used condoms laying in a parking lot and eating a pile of them...beyond pukeville.

  • Wow, that is nuts! Enjoyed reading your story :-)

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