Karma has bitten one of our local racists

I'm a Swedish woman and in my hometown there was a local man who had a nasty reputation as being racist. He would get drunk at the local bar and then go on wild shouting tirades whenever a non white person appeared on the television.

So flash forward to present times. My sister works as a nurse at the hospital back home and she informed me recently that she just helped to deliver the guy's sixth black grandchild. His daughter is blonde of course and she married an African muslim man.

Dec 23, 2018

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  • The loss of a race realist is the greatest loss to mankind. May he rest in peace. As for you...... F*** off and die already race traitor!!!

  • No one wants half caste grandkids lol

    Shame on the family

  • That’s karma at its finest.History shows Black guys are not ideal husband material.
    She’ll find out soon how lazy, controlling and habitual pot smokers they all are

  • I feel sorry for the old guy. I wouldn't want my daughter marrying an untermensh either much less a d irty stink ing Muz zy.

  • I feel sorry for the old guy. I wouldn't want my white daughter to marry some stinking n***** either much less a filthy Muslim.

  • I should cut your head off you f****** pasty soiled milk looking ass cracker m***********

  • Too late mommy i already fuckedd your princess and i am a Muslim 😎

  • Smelling stinking ugly Muslim right? Thought so, majority are.

  • Likewise mommy let me have you as well

  • I hate racist black people, they make the rest of use look bad.. This is more race baiting by a black person acting like whites are the racist. Study shows that 17% of white people are racist where as 43% of black people are racist. Stop the racism by shutting down racist black people.

  • What study are you citing?
    FYI other ethnic cultures are fatigued of imperialistic mindsets and desire to not engage in conversations because of blantant lies or narrow minded view points.
    Btw shutting down a group of people in genocide. Next time show your real color & simply say "kill them all & let God sort them out" vs dog whistling.
    Our admit you are the racist. You'll feel better.

  • How about we shut down ALL racist people, regardless of skin color? It's a stupid waste of time to cry racism only at one race or another.

    Also? Pretty lame to mention dog-whistle on one line and say "YOU'RE the racist" on literally the next line. Not much for introspection, are you? Cognitive dissonance really turns your crank, does it?

    You're probably one of those people who love to "debate"; in other words, you act pompous and shut down anyone who disagrees with you by demanding statistics or by accusing them of [philosophical fallacy]. Find a "study" that disproves THAT!

  • Sexy as h***.

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