My neighbor 'RUMA' was a CHUBBY GIRL & She was near by 8 years Older than me.
My age was 9 and we always play together. But soon after few months, She started cheating in every game we played. But whenever I protest, She just use Her Strength and pushed me back and then She run away.

But 1 day I have had enough and I started quarreling with Her. And few time later we started fighting, in the beginning I fought well & I punched Her , bite Her and pulled Her hair but soon all changes. After fighting for 5 to 6 minutes I started losing and She Fought with Her Full Stamina & Strength. She punched me on my belly and then on my nose, and I fell down on the floor.
And then we started rollin fight, and i tried my best to push Her down and Sit on Her. But I couldn't and instead slowly She used Her Full Strength and Pushed me down on the floor and holds tight my both hands on the floor. By holding my hands down She came on Top of me and Straight Sat on middle of my Stomach & Chest. Then slowly She Sat her Full Weight on me , started slapping me.
After slapping for many times , She stops and then She goes back and She Sat on my Stomach with Her full Weight. At first i tried to get Her off me, but She was too Heavy for me to move Her an inch and I finally gave up and let Her Sit on me.
She remain Sat on Top of my Belly, and asked for apology. But I didn't answer and She remain Sat. After almost an hour or less I couldn't breathe , and so She leave my Stomach and Sat on top of my Chest.
HER WEIGHT was unbearable but She remain Sat on top of my Chest. I let Her Sit for almost half an hour, then I couldn't take HER FULL WEIGHT ON TOP OF MY CHEST anymore and I apologised. And so finally She released me and stood up of my Chest.
But after this , She did this same thing to me for many years. And after few years She got married and soon She had a child.

Now I'm 17 at that time and She was 26 years old married Woman.
And 1 day I called Her in my house and She came alone . After talking to Her for few times, I asked Her to wrestle with me. But She didn't want to fight, meanwhile I'm anxiously waiting to take my REVENGE. So I started first and and slowly we started fighting as we did before. And after 5 minutes I pushed Her down on my bed and Sat on Her Belly with my Full Weight. And also remember it was first time that I Sat on Her, because before time She always Sat on me.
And now for few minutes She tried Her best to fight back, but She lost Her Energy & Strength and finally She gave up and let me Sit on Her Belly. So I remain Sat on top of Her Stomach for 20 minutes and suddenly Her husband's phone call came in Her mobile. So She asked me to get off, but I didn't and She started talking with Her husband while I'm Sitting on top of Her Stomach. Then I Sat on Her B**** for more 30 minutes.
And She was under my Full Weight for 3 hours on that day.

And since then She never came to my house any more.


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  • It's the stomach sitter... Again

  • Could we exaggerate anymore than that?

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