Wife is still mad

My wife is a beautiful woman, I always tease her and say "Sweetheart you are one of a kind...Well, One of two anyway", My wife is a twin, Identical twin, Nowadays they don't look too much alike just due to hair color and their bodies have changed, My wife and I have 4 kids, Her sister has 1 and works out constantly. That being said my wife looks great, Nice build and much softer curves than her sister, Her sister is beautiful but a bit too built for my liking and just her facial lines are very strong, I prefer the look of my wife's body.
Now onto why my lovely wife is still angry with the two of us, My wife and I had been married approximately 6 months and were working on getting pregnant with our first child, Her sister had come to visit and they got pretty drunk, I had left before she came and had gone over to a friends place down the street returning around 2:00 am or so, I walked in and there was a beautiful woman asleep on the couch in my t-shirt and my wife's cotton shorts. I strolled over, Started rubbing her back and pulled her shorts down, Went down on her from behind as she ground her bum in my face, I stuck my thumb in her bum while licking her then stood up and dropped my shorts and pounded her playing with her tits, Fingering her ass, hammering her hard while she moaned and groaned and eventually twitched a bit grunting as she came, I shoved my dick deep in her and came hard.
I was just pulling out after making sure to give her every drop when all of a sudden I heard "What the fuck are you doing". Needless to say there were some issues and I am pretty sure that if we had not already been married I would have been single.
The three of us had a huge fight the next day with me being the scapegoat for everything, Apparently I was the bad guy for coming home drunk and not realizing that I was nailing a girl who at the time looked, felt and sounded identical to my wife, Aside from her saying "I was wasted and didn't know what I was doing" she was completely off the hook and still is, My wife still throws that into every argument and uses that for her bargaining chip anytime she feels it will benefit her, I truly don't care about all that but I do wish she would get over it.

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