My I.Q is 75 , I feel I am mentally ill

I confess that I am feeling down , I wonder if I should seek mental help , I suffered a bad 3rd grade Concussion at the age of 15 and I chipped my front teeth badly on a bike accident , I almost decided to murder my dad because he was responsible for it , if he had never sent me away in a hurry , I never would have fallen down and hit my right temple into the concrete road at 20 miles a hour and broken my neck and scared my body up pretty badly and put me into a hospital for life . I have enstranged my self from my dads side of the family , but my mind is pretty weak and I got nothing but nightmares , I was 15 when this bike accident took place , now I am almost 39 years old . I worked for 14 and a half years and only got laid off last year . I wonder if I should seek the medical advice of a doctor because I am afraid of sleeping and my I.Q is down to 75-80 , my mind needs help , it’s empty , it’s like I do not care no more , I kicked out all my dependants in my dead beat brother and his Girlfriend , I wonder if I should go to a mental health facility's and seek help from Professionals in doctors and nurses . I do not know what to do anymore .


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  • And yet you still write better than half the people on this site.....

  • Only commenting as for the past 11 days this post has been left on 3 comments.
    3 is not an even number.
    It bugs me everytime I scroll past.

  • First you have PTSD from the bike accident, but that is not necessarily the cause of your low IQ, which could equally be a result from the long term drug abuse that you haven't told us about.

  • I think you know. Go back and seek help

  • You're what is known as a dumdum.
    A thicko.
    A mong.
    Spasticus Maximus.
    Nothing to do with the accident,just genetics I'm afraid.
    I'm sure there's something you can do that'll suit your low IQ,like pick litter or be a builders gash hand.

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