What an F'd up situation

I am the youngest of 7, Yeah mom was like a baby factory, My oldest sister just recently passed and I am 2 months pregnant with her husbands baby.
The day of the funeral I was very upset and for whatever reason me and him were...Consoling each other which lead to me and him being pretty drunk and going back to his place and sitting on the couch talking, I was crying, He was consoling me and next thing I know we are kissing then I was on my back and he was going down on me, We went to the bedroom and...Yeah. Next morning I wake up to noise in the house and look around realizing I was in his bedroom so I am 25 and he is 44.
At first I was so upset at what I had done but then I was like Oh s***, Who is here and how am I going to explain this, Well...He had that all under control, I grabbed my phone and he had texted me saying that he told everyone I stayed over and slept in the bedroom and he took the couch, he said come out when you're ready. I stayed in there a long time and finally I decided I had to come out at some point so I emerged from the bedroom.
Mom, Dad, A couple of my siblings and some of my sisters friends were all there, Yeah of course there would be a house full of people, No one said anything weird and my mom was just like "Oh it's nice he let you stay, I was worried how you would get home" I was so hungover I just sat at the table with my head in my hands the whole time being the only person still wearing their clothes from the night before. After a bit he came up and said "Do you want something else to wear", I nodded and he excused us from the room, We went to the closet and he got me a T-shirt and a pair of my own shorts my sister had borrowed a few months before the accident so it wasn't as weird as if it would have been something of hers.
I stood there looking at him and he at me and then I turned around and he unzipped my dress, It was a strapless so I didn't have a bra and none of my sisters would have fit me (Her chest basically disappeared after having babies) He cupped my b**** from behind and kissed my neck and I pulled away shaking my head no and asked him to leave which he did. I got dressed and spent the next two hours fully conscious of the fact that everyone there was fully aware I had no bra on and felt I had to explain over and over that my dress had built in support so I hadn't worn one.
I went home and had zero contact with him for over a month, I actually avoided him at all cost until I realized my worst fears had come true and I was late, I took test after test like I may see a different result if I just kept taking them but still the same everytime. So there I am sitting on my couch in my condo wishing I had no memory of that night but it was clear as day, I don't know why I remember every detail and every feeling and now what do I do.
I call him up, Invite him to my place to talk and before I can tell him I am pregnant I turn into a blathering idiot talking and rambling about that night and then spend half an hour f****** him on my couch and finally when he says he should leave I blurt out "I'm pregnant". He stops and looks at me and says "Oh?", I nod my head and he looks around and says "Uhhh, With?", I say "Umm, A baby" and he says "Yeah no s***, Who's?" and I say "Who do you think?", He says "Well...It can't be mine because I am fixed" which hit me in the face like a ton of bricks, I was like "What?", He nods and says "6 months ago" so then I am counting back and I was like "Uhh...I havent been with anyone else in 6 months...A little more actually" and he thinks for a minute then says "F***" and I say "yeah, F***" and he says "No, I mean uh...When you started dodging my calls I satrted banging Terry". Terry was my sisters best friend, I think I am attractive and I have the family b**** that all the girls in my family have but Terry...Terry is...Like a supermodel.
So he sits back down and we talk, He had been banging Terry, Tall, Slim, Blonde, Huge fake b****, Perfect teeth, Goes to the gym three days a week, An ass guys drool over and owns three businesses that her husband gets a free ride off of, There is no way I can compete with that but there I am sitting in just my thong and a tank top and all I can think Is (Jump him) so I do, I pull out all the stops and he f**** me in every room, On every piece of furniture and I even tried to let him in the other hole but he's a bit too...Girthy for that but after I make him stop I tell him I will try harder. (WTF!!!) yeah, I told him next time we just need more lube and "I'll try harder" O my god who says that.
So for 3 weeks now he sneaks to my place and cheats on Terry who has kicked her husband out and they are a steady thing, Yesterday after we hooked up he says "Terry is pregnant", My heart sank, I looked at him and said "Oh my god, You're f****** joking", He shook his head no and I got out of bed. He tells me he wants to be with Terry but he wants to keep banging me on the side and I tell him no but he wants to be the baby's dad so I agree to not tell Terry about what we have been doing but to tell her we were together the first night and I have been keeping my pregancy a secret.
So we go together to tell Terry and I honestly was hoping she would freak and kick him to the curb but she didn't, in fact she was very understanding and felt bad for me, Awe isn't that sweet of her (Sarcasm).
We have a long talk about how they will support me and help in any way they can and she is totally cool with him coming over and being around me to help me through my pregnancy so now he is banging two preganant girls, His wife's sister and her best friend (Yeah, I can't say no to him) and we are all in this weird upside down love triangle that I seem to be on the bottom of and just a plaything he uses when he feels like it, I was going to tell Terry, i had it in my mind that I was going to rat him out and he comes over, I suck him off and he sits me down after and says "I told Terry", I'm like "F***, What?", He says "She looked me in the eye and said you're still f****** her" He tried to deny it and she said "Ok, Don't treat me like I am an idiot, I know you are, Why wouldn't you...I...Am ok with it, We don't have a conventional relationship and this is just the way it is going to be" so there goes that plan, So then I get a call from Terry, She invites me to lunch and tells me she is going to marry him and she doesn't care if I still f*** him but not to think for a second I will ever steal him from her and that we can actually be friends if i just realize that.

Jan 27, 2020

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  • So long as he is a good father to your child. Helps financially. Why not? Terry doesn't mind. Why should you? It is good for all concerned, including the babies. If he is doing right by you with your first child, you should consider another. Again, why not? I assume your BIL got "fixed" when he thought he'd be solely with your sister for the rest of his life. Now that he has a new lease on life, and seed in his belly, live a little. And give life to others as well. You know breeding is the hottest thing you can possibly do. Don't worry about what others, including your family, will think. A baby is the great unifier. It brings everyone together in a sense of love and peace. Go ahead, do it.

  • I know some one else in the same situation. I was told by the woman her self that she didnt care who her man banged so long as she knew about it and she was at the top of the list as QUEEN. If you can deal with the fact that your the side girl then everything will work out for you. It's a messed up situation that you've got your self into. Make the best of it.

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