I can only attract one class of women

I tend to be gentle and kind to prostitutes. They get hugs, kisses, and compliments. They get oral s**.

Women who aren't in this group think I'm a loser and go for the bad boys. The prostitutes from bitter experience know how dealing with bad boys ends up.

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  • Neckbeard fa gg ot.

  • Woman is a woman fuckk them hard

  • Give them

  • It's sad that the nice guys get left behind alone

  • Haha p i s s off!! Or are you another fedora wearing neckbeard??!!

  • Http://i.imgur.com/Zw468as.png
    You should visit here....https://www.reddit.com/r/fedorasaregods/

  • There is a no guarantee that woman behind your desk cannot be a pro so yes i would say that pros are better option as there is relationship bullshit

  • Oh god, another "nice guy." Let's see, you're a quiet neckbeard who smells of Cheetos and has a very good relationship with his mother? And the only women you perceive as existing (aside from your mother) are sorority queen types? Do you "greet" them by sidling up behind them and giving them shoulder rubs, no matter what they're doing at the moment?

    I knew someone like that once. He liked this one girl, but couldn't function around her unless they were both drunk. He raped her in her sleep, then killed himself three years later. The world was slightly improved after that.

  • Haha😁

  • Well if you're going down on pro's, then sorry to say mate,that you are a loser.

  • ……….and a STI carrier.....

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