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Basically this girl and I had been dating for a year now. She's kind of a b**** but super hot so I don't care. About a month ago I noticed that EVERY time I call, text, stop by, or whatever, she ALWAYS busy. If I stopped by, she was just leaving. If I call, she's in checkout or something else where she can't talk. I stopped by her place (she lives with her mom) a few days ago and was planning on having a discussion about her behavior, but once again, I knocked on the door and she answered saying she was just on her way out leaving me standing there. Her mother came out and finally told me she has been seeing someone else, but doesn't have the heart to tell me it's over. Her mom and I kept on talking and ended up talking into the late evening. The next day I stopped back over and once again my girlfriend tried to say she was just leaving as she ran past me out the door. I just waved and said goodbye. Didn't want to tell her I was actually there to see her mother and not her. I asked her mom if she was doing anything and asked her out on a date. To my surprise she said yes. We spent the whole day together and ended up back at my apartment where we had s**. At first she was hesitant but decided it was over between me and her daughter anyway. Honestly the s** with the mother was way way better than the daughter, and the mother has a way way better body, but then again the mother works out and the daughter doesn't. After probably the best s** I have ever had in my life, we laid there talking into the early morning. She asked me what I was expecting from her for a relationship. I told her I would really love to date her, she a beautiful woman, and we have so much in common. I also told her I understand if she couldn't because of her daughter. She didn't say no, but she did say we need to take it slow and that I need to end it with her daughter eventhough it's actually already over. So yesterday I officially ended it with my girlfriend. Her mother called me shortly afterwards and asked me I was going to ask her out. I ofcourse said yes and officially asked her to be my girlfriend. She and I are going out again tonight, but we haven't told her daughter yet. I'm sure she'll flip her s*** when we tell her.

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  • Same thing happened to me kind of. I was chasing older women when I was in the local college. I was having s** with this woman she was twice my age. I ended it and moved away after I graduated. I moved back home seven years later and met this girl. We started dating then came the dreaded parents dinner. My girl made arrangements for us to meet her parents at a nice dinner. FML, her mother is the woman I was having s** with in college.

  • Similar thing happened to me when I was dating my x wife. I was living with her and her mom. Her mom at the time was in her late 30’s skinny with big titts. She would always walk around the house in a long t-shirt and really short shorts or just her panties. She never wore a bra around the house so her titts were always bouncing when she walked. It came a time when my girlfriend had to leave for a couple of weeks to visit her dad. That left me and her mom alone. She was always drinking and one night I started teasing her and she was going for it. We wound up in her bed. Her daughter finally came back and to this day she knows nothing about it.

  • How are you? I hope you and your new girlfriend are happy

  • Ok, so we told my ex that her mom and I were dating. She flipped the f*** off. Called me everything but a white man. She smacked me, punched me, cursed st me, spit in my face, and even threatened to claim I raped her. Fortunately her mother was there when she said that.
    She told her mom she would never talk to her again unless she broke up with me. That's when her mom told her ou t would be her loss. Then she left and hasn't been back home.

  • She will get over it! You and her mom can move on in your relationship, don't let the daughter ruin what you two have, I'm here if you need to talk

  • Keep your relationship with the mom, you've done nothing wrong I wish you both a lot of happiness

  • I hope we make a go of it. She is an amazing woman. She's very intelligent, I just found out the other night that she has a Master's degree in Applied Physics and used to teach Physics class at a highschool until she and her husband (my ex girlfriend's dad) went through a messy divorce. She walked out of her marriage with nothing except her daughter and moved halfway across the country to start over. She's been waiting on a teaching job at the local school and meanwhile working at a factory in town to support her and her daughter. She gave birth to her daughter when she was 14 and still managed to graduate highschool. She worked, took care of her daughter and husband, went to college, and lived in an abusive relationship where her husband beat her and refused to do anything except drink and play video games. Her strength alone is amazing to me. Then add in the fact that she is smart, funny, and extremely good looking, and she's a 10+ in my book. I've been going by every night after work, but I thing my ex knows there is something up. We may have to tell her.

  • Tell early, you two had split up, and your knew relationship sounds healthy and good for both of you.
    Trust me the daughter will get over it

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