I can't do this anymore. I'm 13, I've known I was trans for about 5 years now, I just haven't been able to tell anyone, and now I'm ** stuck.

I never came out because I felt like a fraud since I hadn't chosen a new name. I looked for years, and one day my friend called me "Michael" jokingly and I liked the name a lot, and it gave me the courage to come out to him a few days later. I go stealth online to avoid transphobia, but IRL little to no one knows. Everyone I knew in my old town knows, my brother who is ALSO trans knows, but I can't come out to my family. I can't tell my mom, or my grandma.

My brother is also trans, and one time my mom came up to me and said "I'm glad you're not as confusing as your brother, because I don't know what I'd do." We've always made jokes about someone else being so confusing we can't deal with them, but that one struck because I was so prepared to come out. Writing this I realize "Hey! That could've meant literally anything you idiot, you stupid dumbhead." but I can't really do it NOW. I lost that confidence I had.

To make it WORSE, my brother gave me a he/him pin when we first moved into the new house, making my mom and grandma insanely suspicious. The thing that ** hurt was that my grandma said "If you're a he/him, I'll accept you no matter what." I hate myself. I don't know why I can't tell them. I don't know what it is. If it's the fear they'll hate me, or if it's that I feel like I'm copying my brother.

I feel like I can tell my dad, since I trust him more with secret stuff. My mom has a bit of a facebook problem, so I can't really trust her with it that much. I feel horrible typing it, but it's true. I'm getting more confident, knowing my dad has been in my situation. And I don't live with or near him anymore, so I feel more confident telling him since I won't have to hear him say it with his voice.

I really just want advice. Someone who's come out as trans near my age, and has a good way to come out.

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  • Dont fall for this trans **. It will ruin your life

  • Troons will all get the gas when the time comes or the rope, either way you're **.

  • Trannies need to be put in wood chippers head first.

  • Amen to that. Agreed.

  • The current "TREND" in schools (also encouraged by the liberal teachers) is to be trans or non binary. About 5 years ago the trend was to be "bisexual". 5 years prior to that the trend was white girls had to date black guys.
    GET OVER IT! Be what you want to be, date who you are attracted to, and stop listening to those liberal pinheads!!!

  • They're mindless so thats a nope. Poor idiots.

  • I’m calling ** on this one. 13? Really? Why don’t you quit whining and wait until your at least 16 to decide who you are. Nobody “knows” something like that unless the thought has been planted. Give it some time.

  • There's no age limit on finding out who you are.

    This isn't 'whining'. This is genuine concern. The thought isn't planted into their head either, they may find themselves relating to their brother and in that case, we should respect Michael, if that is what they choose their name to be.

  • Shut up. Someone slap Michael and tell him he's just a gender confused BOY that will grow into a MAN until the day he dies that even his bones will expose his gender.

  • Coming out is hard for everyone. I've been out sense I was 14 as non-binary and it was the best decision I made. I came out slowly because of how different my parent's work schedules are. I got them both before work and told them. We had more in-depth convos sense them but still. If your not comfortable doing it all at once than do it one at a time. Start with your dad if you want to. Don't forget that theres is always people who will support you. Your brother seems supportive already. I hope it goes well :)

  • Are you fvcking serious? I'd disown you. ..

  • I would also. Freak not living in my house, confusing my kids. Or worse molesting them. Don't forget what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah

  • Please, at 13 do not think of this question/problem too much! Just let your life going where it want to get. You have time enough, earlier than 18-20 do not decide any irreversible step - because you can mind it later - but there will not be return to anywhere.

  • I was having ** with an older boy at your age. I’m married now but my first time was with another boy. It just happened naturally. I’ve found that many young people start experimenting with someone of the same **, it’s not unusual at all. I don’t regret it. It just happened and I enjoyed it.

  • Here's a radical idea. Be the person you were born as. Accept that, and love yourself. DON'T be trans. You've been headfvcked by the liberal lunatics.

    Listen to this advice and you'll save yourself a lifetime of drama and problems.

  • Do not take any hormone therapy or blockers. They will ** you up forever. You're only young. Stop listening to the crazies. It's perfectly normal to question and explore at this age.

  • Do what you think is right! since your family is mostly accepting then i think you should come out (take your time though, don’t rush) Tell your dad first since you trust him and you can tell ur mom last haha. i hope you’re doing well and happy :)

  • I feel bad for you because you've likely been manipulated into it by the lunatics who are pushing this agenda on young children. I wish you peace either way.

  • 100% correct.

  • Yes! You are only 13. You're in all likelihood not trans. Maybe - you're just gay. But at 13 you don't know **.

  • Yeah, simply a stupid child with excessive peer pressure thats negative. Id chain you up and read the Bible to you until you cough that demon out. The father of confusion is the Devil

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