Fat wife now completely dominates me.

A while back I posted a confession about a fetish I had about being pooped on by a hot woman. My wife, a fat woman, indulged me after being prompted by her friend. The whole thing totally backfired because I didn’t want my wife being the one to do it to me. And it turned out my wife loved it and felt empowered. I never had the courage to tell her I didn’t like HER being the one to do it to me because she’s so fat so whenever she needed to p*** I would always just lay there and take it.

It’s been almost a year since that happened and I thought I’d give an update to my situation. Wife now weighs 447 pounds (compared to 157 for me), and has grown utterly dominant of me. It’s rare that a day goes by she does not relieve herself on me. Sometimes if we’re just busy with activities and work and such, it just doesn’t line up, but we usually try to make time in the morning if we can and if her body’s ready for it.

Her assertiveness has taken off. She has actually asked me to come home after work instead of going for a couple drinks w co-workers because she’s ready to go and doesn’t want to have to hold it. I’ve always complied.

Last December when my office had its Christmas party she surprised me. She usually goes but this year couldn’t make it. Before I went she said she had something for me. We went into our bedroom and she started by saying “I’ve seen how some of those women get at these parties and usually I’m there to make sure none of them get too crazy with you. Since I can’t do that this year I got something for you.” She had bought me a male chastity device and told me to drop my pants so she could put me in it. I felt so loved! I was so excited to know she thought of that and all through the party couldn’t wait to get back home knowing she was going to take it off and ride me hard that night. I work with some pretty hot women and they always seem to bring hot friends to these functions. Usually my mind wanders, but this year I couldn’t wait to get home knowing my fat wife was going to assert her ownership of me and then in the morning use me as her own personal human toilet.

As for that, because that was the fetish that started this, ive sort of come around to it. I once wished it was a hot woman doing it to me and honestly sometimes I still do. But the way things have played out it opened up a blind spot in the fantasy: I love being dominated by my fat wife. Whether it’s her pooping on me or putting me in a chastity device or saying I’m not allowed to do something I want to do, I love how assertive she has become. I love that she’ll go to the bathroom on me and I’m the one who says “thank you.” I am so glad I stuck it out because this has been life changing and made our relationship more amazing than ever.

And watching her p*** come out of her is amazing. There is a beauty and gracefulness to the way it slides through her b******* and drops down onto my aroused p****. I know those aren’t the words most would associate with this but it’s true. I’ve videoed while she’s done it so she can watch too and she surprised herself with how beautiful and amazing it was. Her friend, the one who promoted her to try it, has watched her do it to me and agrees the two of us have something amazing and beautiful not everyone else can claim.

I didn’t want this at first. Not like this anyway. But now I’m glad it happened the way it did and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

It took me some searching but I found the original post if anyone is interested:


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  • I've worked with a lot of people,and I can tell you for a fact,the fat peoples excrement b***** reeks!!
    Worse than any normal persons.
    Its on par with dog $hit 🐶💩

  • Gross. Getting s*** on by anyone is bad enough. A 447 pound wife? Damn, I’d hate to be you.

  • I read as Fat cow completely dominates me

  • You sound jealous. ;-)

  • I commented on that one,so I'll comment on this.

  • Ok. That was deep.

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