My wife’s nephews

One night my wife’s nephews were over at my place and we were drinking. We started talking about girls and they started showing me some pics of their girlfriends and other girls in the nude. It wasn’t long before we all had hardons and rubbing our crotch. Then they told me that I was really lucky to be married to their aunt. I asked why and they were hesitant at first but then they told me that they had always liked her and that she had a hot body. I laughed and told them that they were right and that her body was great especially her titts and ass. They said that wished that they had the chance to see her naked one day. I grabbed my phone and showed them a pic of her in her panties and bra. I noticed that they were rubbing and squeezing their d**** harder so I told them that it was ok if they wanted to pull them out and j***. They looked at me in shock then I showed them another pic of her topless and they quickly pulled out their c**** and slowly started jerking. They started saying how they would love to have her kneeling in front of them and making her suck them off. I pulled mine out and they kept looking at it. I handed them my phone and they started looking at her pics that showed her completely naked along with closeups of her p**** and ass. As they were focused on the pics I got down and started jerking them off and sucking on them. They each came. Now they really want her



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  • I'd love to hear all the hot details of exactly what you did while you were stroking their hard c*cks and then sucked each one off. Did your nephews enjoy what you did for them, and did they return the favor to you? I bet you really loved playing with and su*king their hard co*is. Tell us a lot more.

  • They did enjoy looking at her naked pics. After they both finished they showed me pics of their girlfriends. Now we’re trying to set something up to where they would both have a chance to play with her. A couple of days later they came over and showed me some pics that they took of their sisters when they were in the shower.

  • I started sucking them and teaching them when they were 2 and I babysat, loved taking off the wet pull ups and tasting their p on their stiff little d****, perfect height for sucking me as they sat on the toilet too

  • Sucked my nephews when they were growing up too

  • That is hot.....need to show my nephews photos of my wife, maybe in bed with her boyfriend.

  • That would be hot! That following weekend we went out to a party and I was mixing her drinks. I was adding a little more tequila to each one. By the end of the night she was really beyond drunk. I sent a text to her nephews to go by the house in about an hour. I got her home and took her clothes off and had her on the bed completely naked. When they got there I made them each a drink and they were getting high. Then I told them to follow me to the room. When they saw her they went in and I got next to her and shook her arm and her legs to make sure she was out. They got to play with her that night

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