First against the wall

(i.e those for the firing squad, come the revolution)

1 People who hold impromptu 're-unions' in shop doorways
2 People who stop abruptly on busy pavements/sidewalks
3 People who pout when taking selfies
4 People who patently can't 'hold a tune' but insist upon busking in public places
5 drivers who slow to a snail's pace to take a corner
6 drivers who travel at 10mph below the speed limit
7 drivers who travel exactly at the speed limit
8 people who stand in front of the chiller cabinet in a shop and take ages to choose a packaged sandwich.
9 people who park their cars outside the white lines
10 phone zombies
11 people who let their kids run wild in shops
12 people who don't move-up in supermarket check-out queues
13 people who insist on paying with the exact change in a supermarket check-out queue

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  • I can't stand when people gingerly walk across the street in crosswalks. Hurry the f*** up. Especially if the "do not walk" sign is up.

  • I was expecting more from this post šŸ˜ž

  • Are you the cu.nt who's just made the new list???? Fuckyou

  • 14 people who make sad lists.
    Especially one that have the potential to be quite interesting,but end up being very mundane.

    We were expecting something a little more delicious dear.
    Please try again with a more worthy list.

  • Try posting your own f****** list

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