I cant believe it last night my wife of 8 years gave Rick a friend of ours a b******* after me trying to get her to f*** a guy while I watch
It may not ever happen again because he came in her mouth when he promised not to but we had friends over earlier and Rick was still there when they left and Diane was drinking a beer with us and the conversation was mostly about Ricks s** life since he was divorced.
Diane was especially curious and slightly drunk as Rick teased her telling her he was waiting for her to dump me so they could get it on and I was listening quietly.
I finally said why don't you help him out babe and she just laughed then Rick said yea that sounds great and Diane seamed a little confused saying I am married I couldn't do that so I asked could you do something else and she asked what and I said a hand job???? and she laughed then I said a little head???? and she cleared her throat trying to look outraged but her lips were curved in a slight smile she said I am married but she glanced over at Rick and said don't embarrass our friends and Rick asked would you kiss me ??? She looked back and forth between us and asked would that bother you hon ??
I said not at all hon we are all adults here so she said Ok and sat back.
Rick put his arm around her and pulled her to him and they kissed and Diane started to break off the kiss but Rick pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply.
Diane started to pull back then she sighed and went into his arms and I could hear them sucking on each others tongue.
Then they wee clawing at each other and she was struggling at his pants trying to get his c*** out as he fingered her they were both breathing heavy and I thought I was going to get to watch her get f***** but when she got his c*** out Rick pulled her mouth down onto his c*** then she pushed back and said don't c** in my mouth and he said OK and she said promise??and he made a sound in his throat and pulled her mouth onto his c***.
O could hear her sucking noisily on his c*** and Rick was grunting thrusting his ass off the couch and with his hands tangeled in her hair he was j********** with my wifes mouth then Diane gagged and began to struggle and strings of his c** was leaking out of both sides of her mouth boy was she p***** at us.
We haven't talked yet this morning but I made her some coffee.


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  • Why did you want your wife to suck his c*** so bad. Were you curious about his size? Was he way better looking? Had you talked about him before in bed sexually.
    I couldn’t take not being able to c** in a woman’s mouth after all that worked she did to get there. You need to work on her to get her to f*** a guy of her choosing. It makes it that much more intense for her and mysterious for you.
    I’m sure the entire experience for her excited her and made her feel sexy ina way. It took a while before my wife and our young neighbor made it happen.
    Took a lot of convincing but it started off by leaving them two alone in our back patio while I watched her suck him off from a nearby window. I knew he turned my wife on early when we met hm and his wife. He was tall fit and well fit. It happened another night but this time it was a nlowjob followed by getting f***** doggie. She came so hard and I couldn’t believe how lame I had been f****** her all those years

  • Well I have actually been fascinated by the wife sharing thing and I have brought it up to her several times but she is still to uptight to agree to something like that although she admits that she has looked at other men and wondered what they would be like in bed I am hoping that after a couple more days when I bring it up again she will be a little more receptive to it after sucking Ricks c***.
    I wish he had stayed a little longer I think she was about ready for it.

  • I would love it if my wife blew or f***** another guy! So hot!

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