Hate step daughter so much!

I confess I wish my husband would just get the dna test regarding his “eldest” daughter over & done with because I know for an absolute fact (as does he but only goes on & on about it when v drunk) that she’s not his child. He even knows who he’s very likely to be! I hate her she’s vile, she’s promiscuous at 13, lies, steal both from shops & from family & demands an absurd amount of attention when I feel like she’s an imposter that I’ve got to tolerate ever other weekend. His youngest daughter is beautiful in every way she’s literally a mini him so bright, kind, thoughtful & funny I love her as if she’s my own we have lots in common & get on great I miss her when she goes home but just not the eldest. My thoughts about her disgust me, I love it when she’s having a hard time & get I a buzz hearing her sad, in pain & upset, I go in the bathroom & do my happy dance thinking of her upset makes my day. What the actual f*** is wrong with me? I’ve never had such insidious thoughts or feelings towards anyone ever before like this & I know it’s not normal. The second she gets to our house I’m thinking right T minus 48 hrs until it’s over & she’s gone. I resent that he pays his ex money for her, I feel his own mum is in on it too because she literally s*** herself when he started taking steps to get a dna test such as contacting a company & receiving a test kit pack, pretty much begged him not to. I reckon she doesn’t trust his ex not to tell him that his mum knew for years. I’m just worried I’m stuck with her forever. The older she gets the more absurd the notion is of him being her dad nothing & I mean nothing looks anything like him or his ex & an awful lot like the lad who’s photo he showed me out of the four chaps in the pic I didn’t need her dad pointing out it was starkly obvious. It’s such a p*** take & I wouldn’t be so furious about it if she was a half decent person but she’s far from it. Constantly in trouble at school, cautioned by police for distributing indecent pics of herself & boys & their parents complained to school twice, shop lifting, steals money from us, stole my son’s mobile phones (2 of & what’s worse is they’ve covered for her both time so no repercussions) I’ve tried killing her with kindness but her behaviour makes it impossible to maintain & rewarding her when she’s just locked her little sister in the bedroom so she can call her fat & tells her she’s gross that everyone laughs at her behind her back & how she shouldn’t eat in front of other because she’s gross for far people to do that. It was on hearing this abuse I lost my s***, indoctrinating her lovely little sister to ruin her self esteem & apart from my outburst there was zero discipline shown. The thought of her being around forever is far too long for me to accept & it’s haves very detrimental effect on our marriage because even on the weekends we haven’t got his kids there’s always some attention seeking bullshit pseudo drama usually involving her refusing to go home, she does this as her mum won’t pay for Wifi & so she pretends to have a big problem so she can come to ours to get online. The problem is my hatred of her is growing more & more, I’m actually considering doing the dna test myself I’ve already got samples to send off from both of them & if the ends justifies the means I will fake signatures then send his ex the results telling her to stop sending some random fella’s kid round & to stop the maintenance money too. Will I ever be set free?


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  • Stop acting like you're 13 too and fighting over a boy.

  • You could do her a favor and get out of her and her father's life, you selfish pig

  • You may want to take a look at yourself before her.

  • I would be on her like a fat kid on a smartie, she wouldn't leave my bed for a week

  • Damm so would i.!

  • Promiscuous at 13 send her to me

  • Why dont you spank that brat.

  • And then your fingers "accidently" find her sweet p****

  • I do that when i spank my step daughter's

  • Let her watch you suck your fingers to taste her p****

  • Just do little things,spit in her food,break the threads in her clothes where they're likely to split and cause embarrassment, dip her toothbrush in the loo, all these little victories will help you

  • 1. Forging signatures is fraud!
    2. Even if it comes back that she is not his being her dad and making a commitment won't stop her coming!
    3. If he already knows but only admits it when he is drunk and allows her brother get away with so much? You will find there is a 90 percent chance he is sleeping we other her from what you are saying!

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