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Not so embarrassing for me but my husband was mildly traumatized. We had been out for "date night" and ended up at a friends place drinking, my husbands friend gave him a little blue present, It is no secret he suffers from E.D. and takes little blue pills, He had some trauma from years of doing the rodeo circuit and had gotten stepped on by a bull one time, My husband knows about it and his wife had told me about it and pretty much everyone knows I think so he is not real shy about it but after me and my husband got home he announced that his friend had given him one of his pills joking that if I had any complaints about longevity that it would help.
I have never complained in that area and in fact if anything would actually prefer a little less stamina on his part but he kept joking about taking it and I warned him that I didn't think it was a great idea but we were planning on having s** anyway since it was "Date night" and he went ahead with it then came out of the bathroom announcing that in just a few minutes he was gonna rock my world, I rolled my eyes and he crawled into bed, After a couple minutes of fooling around I told him I thought his pill was working against him and he agreed that he was not able to achieve full...Whatever, He was kinda half hard and getting worried but started going down on me and a few minutes in lifted his head and looked at me, i looked down at him and he raised his eyebrows at me a couple times and I said "Eww, Don't be a creep", He laughed and got up on his knees saying "I think it's workin", My husband is a tall guy with big hands and feet and is proportionately built and has never had an issue getting it up but is in his mid 40's and maybe it doesn't stand up like it used to but I will say it was hard, Like hard hard.
He looked down and it was looking right back up at him, He laughed and said "Look at that" flexing it making it bounce, I laughed and I reached down and grabbed it, It was surprisingly hard, At first I thought it would be a good thing thinking it would maybe be short and sweet but the opposite was true, We got started and it was great, Any woman will tell you that harder is better so things were going quite well, I finished early and him shortly after but then he went for a second round which at first was ok but a few minutes in I was ready to have it end, I did some stuff I know he likes and he finished but that was not the end, He was still having issues with it not going away and being the wonderful wife I am I agreed to help as much as I could, He tried for a third and thank goodness we had some lube on hand because by the end it was necessary, We were both sweaty and exhausted so we went and showered, He tried in the shower and managed a third but it still didn't help.
He was starting to experience some discomfort and was really not happy about it, I told him he may have to go to the hospital but he was refusing, I didn't want to but had to call my mom to come watch the kids and when she arrived she was panicked and wanted to know what was wrong, My husband and I were dressed and when he was in the bathroom I explained it to her, She, In her motherly tone scolded me and I just told her it wasn't my idea, When he came out it very obvious even though he was trying to hide it and my husband is usually not easily embarrassed but he was red as a tomato and by this time I was thinking it was pretty funny so I said to my mom "See, It's been two hours" and pointed to the very obvious bulge, My mom looked and my husband turned away, We left and as soon as we were in the car he said "Thanks for that, That's real awesome that you are having so much fun with this", I just laughed and said "I told you not to take it".
We got to the hospital and I had actually stared to feel sorry for him, He was obviously in pain and as we waited it was only getting worse, Finally it was our turn and we went into an exam room and waited some more, Finally the door opened and I almost burst out laughing the second the nurse walked in. My husband enjoys a pretty girl, I know he looks and I am fine with that but as soon as she walked in he looked up and his face dropped, The nurse was young, Like right out of school young, Very pretty and bubbly and friendly. My husband closed his eyes looking very unimpressed and then looked at me, She said "So...What can I do for you tonight?", My husband said "Is the doctor coming soon" and she said "Well...she's tied up at the moment but I'll see if I can help", I was almost unable to contain myself when I seen the look on his face finding out that the attending was a female also.
My husband was reluctant but since I wasn't saying anything he finally, after skirting around the question said "I took a V*****" and the poor nurse looked up and said "Oh...Um...I assume that is not going well?", He just shook his head. She asked a bunch of questions and after finding out he didn't take it because he needs it but because he thought it would be fun she went through a list of reasons he shouldn't have taken it and I could tell all he wanted was to fix the issue. The nurse obviously didn't want anything to do with it and went to see if the doctor was available, She returned and said she was still busy but had discussed the problem with her.
There a whole, super awkward conversation between the two of them about getting rid of it through conventional methods and he told her he did...three times and reluctantly the nurse finally said "Well, Lets take a look", I think my husband almost had a heart attack but stood up and she turned away to put on gloves, She asked if I wanted to go back to the waiting room but I was enjoying this way too much and simply said I was ok, When she turned back around she stopped and stared, tilted her head to the side and then cleared her throat. I sat there trying not to burst out laughing and the tension in the room was so high, She went to say something and lost her words, then regained herself and reached up then put her hands down, She was very obviously flustered and I was having the most laughs I have had in recent memory.
There was some inspection by her and a discussion about a needle to which he was not at all receptive then a discussion about some medication but that it would take time to work and then she mentioned another method which he was strongly against, Now...I am not a nurse and not even remotely educated in medicine or what goes on normally but it seemed to me that she had her hands on his...Stuff considerably more than necessary and in the end, Before she finally let him go and took her gloves off he was obviously embarrassed and he noticed the same thing I did but she was nice enough to wipe off the big drop of precome that had formed on his tip before she took her gloves off.
In the end he opted for the medication and it worked faster than expected, We were left in a room to be observed with my husband in a hospital gown, His pretty little nurse friend came back to check on him multiple times and each time made sure to grab him and do a full inspection to check if there had been any progress while recording his vitals, When she was happy that he was sufficiently flacid she gave him a final exam to make sure there was no damage and again spent considerably more time than I felt she needed and I still don't know why it was necessary to grope his testicles each time she checked him but whatever.
Before releasing him she made sure to tell him that if he had any more issues to come back and gave us a second dose of the medication to use if necessary, After we got home and my mom left I joked with him about it and was having a blast with him being so embarrassed, I said "So...Apparently you were enjoying that" and mentioned the big drop on the tip, He looked at me and said "Um...It's a good thing she quit when she did" and finally he started to laugh, My eyes got wide and he said "Oh come on, She was sitting right in front of me on her roller stool and I could see right down her cleavage and then spent way more time than needed and bent over more than she needed every time she checked me", I said "Really?", He shrugged and said "Sorry", We laughed and joked about it for a bit and went to sleep.
There doesn't seem to be any lasting effects from the prolonged erection but I am sure it was a night neither of us will forget any time soon and I don't think he will try the little blue pill again unless he actually ever needs it.

Feb 15, 2019

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  • I took one of those once when a new girl friend was coming over to spend the weekend. She was quite impressed! We screwed for hours!

  • TL;DR. Real confessions are short and sweet. Cries for attention are novel-length. Guess we know which mode you prefer!

  • Negative Ned

  • Cant believe he did not loose is on that nurse

  • Well that was really entertaining. The part about pointing his erection out to your mother was weird AF, hah but women are...like that. Good thing he went soft, sounded like fun in the end when you knew he'd be okay.

  • I had a kidney stone and went in to have it removed. They put a stint in my ureter that was attached to a string hanging out the end of my d***. After the required 3 days I stopped into the office to have the stint removed. The nurse came in and told me what was going to happen. Then she told me she was training a nurse who had just graduated. I laid on the table with a small blanket covering me when the nurse and her trainee returned. She flipped the blanket off leaving me totally naked laying on a table with two women I had never met standing next to me. The nurse grabbed my d*** in one hand and the string in the other .she told me to take a deep breath and then she pulled, but nothing happened. She told me to take another deep breath, but again nothing happened. She told me to hold tight and she went to get the head nurse leaving me there with the trainee. That was awkward talking to this woman as I laid there with my d*** out. The two women returned and now there were 3 women and me naked. The head nurse said that sometimes the string gets stuck and you have to work it free. She grabbed my d*** and started needing it almost like she was stroking me. She did this for a bit and then grabbed the string and told me take a deep breath. She pulled and everything came out as expected. The experience was awkward and exciting at the same time.

  • Sounds like a really enjoyable date night for you. Too bad it was embarrassing for him but I'm sure in time he'll look back on it and laugh.

  • That's a good story !!

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