My inlaws rock

My wife and I built a house on her parents land, They are farmers and I work in the oilpatch, Their house is a 1/4 mile from ours separated by a tree line. From where I built my shop I can see their bedroom window, The first time I ever spied on them was not planned, I had walked over to their place to borrow some stuff out of their shop and walked past the side of their house, The bedroom light was on and they were in bed, My wife's mom was laying beside the wife's dad leaning over sucking him off, He grabbed her by the head and lifted his hips, She never even flinched and swallowed it all, Got out of bed and went to the bathroom.
My wife's parents are pretty average, Her dad is about 6 feet tall, and looks how you would expect a late 50's guy would, Got a bit of a belly but not too fat, Her mom is in her early 50's, 5 1/2 feet tall, Average build, Saggy, Wrinkly b00bs and a hairy snatch with a jiggly bum. I have watched them 3 times in the past 4 years and they like to get down, I like watching my wife's mom give head, She really puts in an effort and apparently like having her bum cheeks spread and her little brown hole played with and licked, When she is on top the wife's dad usually has a finger in the back door and the last time I sneaked over and caught them I got to see the whole performance from start to finish.
It's not uncommon for me to be in their shop doing stuff since they have had theirs set up for 20 years and have a lot more stuff in it so anytime my wife texts me and asks where I am I tell her I am in their shop and I often stroll over if I see that their bedroom light is on, Not very often but like I said a few times I have caught them getting it on, Usually they are just laying in bed reading but the last time I walked over and as I slinked into my viewing spot in the trees outside their window I seen my wife's mom and dad standing, Holding each other as they kissed and groped each other.
I watched for a couple minutes and my wife's dad was grabbing her moms a$$ shaking and jiggling it, It's not that big but is jiggly, He turned her around and played with her b00bs as she reached back grabbing and groping his c0ck, He bent her over the bed and smacked her bum a couple times lightly and then got on his knees, He shuffled right under her as she spread her legs, A position I have never even thought of but have since tried, He was licking her hairy snatch and had his hand on her bum with his thumb in her a$$, She put a knee on the bed and bent over more putting her elbows on the bed sticking her bum right out, He started banging her hard with his thumb and she seemed to be loving it.
After probably 30 seconds of that she jumped up and pulled away, She flopped down on the bed and spread her legs rubbing herself as he stood at the foot of the bed jerking as he watched her, She had her legs flopped wide open and was going to town as he slid a hand under her bum and I assume he stuck his thumb back where it had previously been, A few more seconds of that and then he got up on the bed beside her and shoved his c0ck in her mouth, They both had their hands between her legs rubbing and fingering while both grabbing and pulling at her n!pples, He got between her legs and pounded her hard, Her b00bs were shaking and jiggling, Bouncing all over the place, He rolled her over and did her doggy with her b00bs hanging down almost touching the bed and had his thumb back in her a$$.
I watched them pound for probably 15 minutes or so in a few different positions, He finished with her legs up on his shoulders and her b00bs all squished up, She had one of them squeezed in her hand sucking her own n!pple and then she tilted her head back and moaned stretching out her legs from his shoulders straight up, After she was done he let her put her legs down and she flopped them wide open again, He pounded her hard with her b00bs bouncing all over again and then shoved it in her and dumped his load.
After stroking her slow for a bit he went soft and pulled out, She laid there rubbing her pu$$y for a bit then got up and went to the bathroom, Hopefully at their age my wife and I still get it on and I hope she gets some of her drive from her mom who seems to be quite the little fuck machine.

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