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My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, Both 24, Highschool sweethearts who reconnected after college, We have a good thing going but for the past 6 months or so he has been trying to talk me into hooking up with someone else while he watches from a secretive hiding spot, Hey...Yeah it's weird but who am I to say no to that, You want to have me get a little variety i'm not going to say no but there are some huge hurdles stopping us.
First, He is so homophobic that he refuses to even consider a threeway, He wants to see me with another guy but just the thought of another guys...Junk being close to his or possibly touching is a total no for him.
Second, He doesn't want any of his friends to know that he wants to see me with another guy so he refuses to be the one to make the proposal to any of them even though I have agreed to 3 of the guys he suggested but I don't want to look like a cheating s*** by trying to bring one of them home.
Third, I don't want to be with some random stranger or craigslist hookup and end up with an STI or something and you have no idea what you are going to end up with (Waving my pinky).
I suggested another girl, a friend of mine that I know he is into but that wasn't what he wanted, I suggested a guy from his work but he wouldn't be the one to say it to him, I suggested his brother (20) but after having his brother walk in on me in a compromising situation (Me and a toy) it was obvious his brother would not go through with it even after I chased him down with nothing on and cornered him in the kitchen, I had my hand in his pants basically jerking him off and begging him to bang me and still he told me no then promised not to tell his brother but told me not to try it again, I have suggested multiple situations where we bring someone home and he just watches but he wants it to be a situation where the other guy doesn't know he is watching.
I took the lead on the gong show with his brother texting him to come talk to me and after that I am not going to be the one to set it up so if that's what he wants he is going to have to step up and make it happen. I have given him a list of who I will agree to and multiple scenarios to make it happen so it's up to him. STEP UP ALREADY.

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  • My husband and I brought a friend of his home the weekend before our wedding, My husband was unable to get it up the whole time and ended up hating the whole thing, My advice...Don't choose a friend of his, Pick some one mutually agreed upon but keep friends off limits, We only did it the one time but it was not great just because he was so frustrated and out of the three of us only his friend got off and now they haven't talked in probably 4 years, Also it took my husband a week or more before he would kiss me on the lips after.

  • Don't be to h****** him he's just a timid and inexperienced.

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