First bj

I am a 31 year old male and for as long as i can remember I wanted to give another guy a b******. I think about it all the time and finally it happened! Not to just 1 guy but 2 at the same time. I am married and this is where I am having some trouble. I am not mad about what happened I actually enjoyed that but I am mad at myself because my wife has no idea and I worry that it's going to eat me up inside. I wish I could tell her... I wish we could suck some d*** together and I want to do it again but don't wanna continue to cheat on my loving wife. Idk what to do at this point, all i can think about is sucking more d***. I want it and need it!

Feb 25, 2019

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  • STOP!! Stop cheating on your wife, it will end badly. Figure out how to involve her in this and you will make better choices. I was in the same boat and ended up with HIV, not the way I wanted her to find out I was bi. Now I all I do is j*** off because although the doctor says it is under control and I can enjoy a normal s** life, I can’t risk spreading it.

  • It gets easier. The guilt will fade. The need for c*** and the craving to swallow c** will not. Enjoy!

    My wife knows I'm bi, but she doesn't know how much I need c*** and c**. So some of my hookups she knows about but most she doesn't. She's watched me suck c*** a few times, and while she's fine with it it doesn't turn her on at all. The exception is if I'm licking her p**** and a guy's c*** at the same time while they're f******. Wow! If you can wrap your head around the idea of sharing your wife, it's the hottest thing in the world and can also give you an angle to suck c*** with her permission.

  • How does she feel about you sharing her?
    What are some of the sexy things she likes. We waited until all the kids were gone until we fulfilled my deepest fantasy.
    i role-played forever until she was fine with it. At first she was nervous and had not seen another c*** in person other than movies we saw. She’s very picky but once we made things happen it was awesome.
    Now she can’t be happier getting much younger guys with bigger c**** and non stop stamina. She’s admitted many times she never knew a c*** could feel so much different. These guys are getting some older gorgeous lady and I’m getting to share the c***

  • I am a crossdressing bi man that his wife of 30 years has no idea I love c***. Don't tell her she would not accept it. I had my first male on male experience when I was 13 for 2 years we would play after school and weekend. I still love to have s** with woman but I also like s** with men. keep it to your self and have as many men as you can. where did you meet the two guys?

  • They are a gay couple in know. I had a few to many one night and one thing led to another and next thing I know I'm trying to fit to c**** in my mouth. It was great!

  • Once you realize how good a c*** feels and tastes you will never loose the desire for more. I love eating a womans parts but be honest, A mans looks so much nicer and the reward is better.

  • U are so right ,the c*** moves so softly through Ur mouth and the c** is hot wet and smooth love the taste. Love c***💕

  • I would love to let you swallow mine

  • First don't tell her. You will f*** up your life.

    Second, You can also try to suck your own c***, there are ton of video on the web about that.

    At the least j*** off into a glass and drink your own c**. That will help you deal with craving for c**. You can even do it at work. The fact you can be caught make it a turn on.

    Third, if those two guys are open to it make its regular thing between you three. I'm sure they will love having a guy who will regularly give them blow jobs.

    In time you will most likely let them ass f*** you as you suck the other.

    Nothing feels better than having one guy c** in your mouth as the other c** in your ass bare back.

    You could also try to introduce your wife to the idea of a MFM threesome. Then you can suck c*** with your wife's blessings.

    Good luck.

  • U are right on about c*** In mouth and c*** in ass and getting c** 💋from both ends how great is that. I’ wet talking about it

  • I am married but i love sucking c*** to, i always swallow do you

  • Yes

  • Also looking to rim a female and males ass.
    Anyone else like r******?

  • Oh yes, My problem is that I often c** as soon as my tongue enters her ass and then If she wants me to have intercourse I am soft. I am willing to continue licking but she says she wants something I can not give her in her.

  • Get 10” strap-on try see how that goes I bet she will the full 10” planted in her p**** 💋

  • I love r****** and being rimmed x

  • Say nothing keep sucking di ck. You are lucky to have pus sy and co ck to enjoy.

  • Last night I did eat my wife's p**** after spending a day in a men's cinema sucking several c**** and swallowing their c**
    My wife also came!!

  • Yes! I love knowing that I've made a man and a woman c** with my mouth on the same day! I also love knowing that I've c** inside both a man and a woman on the same day!

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