First bj

I am a 31 year old male and for as long as i can remember I wanted to give another guy a b******. I think about it all the time and finally it happened! Not to just 1 guy but 2 at the same time. I am married and this is where I am having some trouble. I am not mad about what happened I actually enjoyed that but I am mad at myself because my wife has no idea and I worry that it's going to eat me up inside. I wish I could tell her... I wish we could suck some d*** together and I want to do it again but don't wanna continue to cheat on my loving wife. Idk what to do at this point, all i can think about is sucking more d***. I want it and need it!

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  • I am a crossdressing bi man that his wife of 30 years has no idea I love c***. Don't tell her she would not accept it. I had my first male on male experience when I was 13 for 2 years we would play after school and weekend. I still love to have s** with woman but I also like s** with men. keep it to your self and have as many men as you can. where did you meet the two guys?

  • Once you realize how good a c*** feels and tastes you will never loose the desire for more. I love eating a womans parts but be honest, A mans looks so much nicer and the reward is better.

  • I would love to let you swallow mine

  • First don't tell her. You will f*** up your life.

    Second, You can also try to suck your own c***, there are ton of video on the web about that.

    At the least j*** off into a glass and drink your own c**. That will help you deal with craving for c**. You can even do it at work. The fact you can be caught make it a turn on.

    Third, if those two guys are open to it make its regular thing between you three. I'm sure they will love having a guy who will regularly give them blow jobs.

    In time you will most likely let them ass f*** you as you suck the other.

    Nothing feels better than having one guy c** in your mouth as the other c** in your ass bare back.

    You could also try to introduce your wife to the idea of a MFM threesome. Then you can suck c*** with your wife's blessings.

    Good luck.

  • I am married but i love sucking c*** to, i always swallow do you

  • Yes

  • Also looking to rim a female and males ass.
    Anyone else like r******?

  • Oh yes, My problem is that I often c** as soon as my tongue enters her ass and then If she wants me to have intercourse I am soft. I am willing to continue licking but she says she wants something I can not give her in her.

  • I absolutely love r****** sticking my tongue in and out

  • I love licking ass hole. I love sticking my tongue in and out. I love having it done to me also.

  • I love r****** and being rimmed x

  • Say nothing keep sucking di ck. You are lucky to have pus sy and co ck to enjoy.

  • Last night I did eat my wife's p**** after spending a day in a men's cinema sucking several c**** and swallowing their c**
    My wife also came!!

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